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How to turn your FM12 into a sexy beast


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Alright fellas, I'm going to help you transform FM from this


into this


First, if you don't have the patience to download around 6 gigs of files then I'd advise you to not bother reading this. As for me, I left it to download over night and once I got up everything was done ;)

Alright, so first,



It's downloaded through a torrent client so if you don't know how that works, google it.

When you start the download and the torrent client asks you which files from torrent to download you only need to select football manager 2012,11,10,09 cut out faces megapack 4.0. Those are the faces we'll be importing.

The other file, football manager 2012,11 logo exclusive won't be used. Instead you'll download a new file (found bellow) for logos.

Once you've finished downloading the faces, find the Cut-Out Faces Megapack 4.0.rar, open it and extract it into documents/your username/sports interactive/football manager 12/graphics. If you don't have the graphics folder, create it.

There are over 90 000 images of players and staff all around the world!


23 000 club logos and over 1000 competition logos!. Really worth a 2gig download.


Once you're done, extract them into documents/sports interactive/football manager 2012

There is a lot of files so have some patience.


Best one available so far. Extract it into documents/sports interactive/football manager 12/skins



I still haven't found the kit megapack, but I will show you how to add them into the game.

I downloaded this kitpack that has all English clubs kits in it.

Extract it into documents/sports interactive/football manager 12/graphics/kits and you're done.

Now, we need to load all these files into our FM.

1. Start the game.

2. Preferences => Display and Sound

3. Tick always reload skin on confirm, switch your skin to fmcrowd one and untick use skin cache.

4. Click confirm and the game will start loading the files.

5. Once that is done, you're done!

6. Enjoy!

7. Tell Sh0n3x he rocks :P

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Good for rookies, I only needed kits and skin. Thanks for the links.

Glad I could help.

Got fileserve links?

Nope. It's much easier for modders to upload it through a torrent instead of splitting files as facepack is 4.5 GB and logos 2 GB big.

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Really good job mate, im downloading them now, not letting me download the kits though :(

Any idea why?

on the kits section, i get this error when clicking the link:

​Your submission could not be processed because a security token was invalid.

If this occurred unexpectedly, please inform the administrator and describe the action you performed before you received this error.

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do you have another link to that skin? the one you provided is dead..

EDIT: think I've found out...



New edit:

Can't get the skins to work? Done as said and had to make a file called skins and pasted the fmcrowd file in there but gone to skins in FM12 and only has FM12 and FM12 dark?

Did you extract it to documents/sports interactive/football manager 12/skins ?

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