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The Blue Kenyan

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This season, Ramires has announced, loud and clear, why he has arrived to Chelsea. We have seen him make lung-busting marathon runner sprints, up and down the pitch in every game he's played. And he has become our main outlet and carrier in counter attacks. Because of his sprints, he has had plenty of goal scoring opportunities, converted three of these chances and won a penalty (against Norwich at home) for the team. Though his finishing can be frustrating at times (a trait that can be developed), his qualities are absolutely astounding.

Chelsea's third goal against Everton showed exatly that -- a 95-yard sprint which started from the edge of Chelsea penalty box. Ramires then got on the end of Juan Mata's pass to tap in from 2 yards out.


We are often attracted to the complex side of the game -- the intricate dribbles and extravagant finishes. But this goal by Ramires reminds us how beautiful and effective simplicity can be. No step-overs. No overhead kicks. It's all about hard work and determination. There is an un-pretentiousness to Ramires's game that draws me in. And if he can keep up this high standard that he has set, he will no doubt become one of Chelsea's greats.

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What's even more positive is with each game, he keeps growing and growing as a player.

Technically, he's not that gifted. But his stamina, pace, strength & work ethic are all benefiting Chelsea. If he develops better skills on the ball, and passing, he can be a top, top, player!

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Lol Fulham Broadways prediction of him being our player of the season actually looks really viable now.

So far he is our best player. I would never have thought this when he signed but given his progression he could be the player who truly can replace Lampard. He gets into the advanced positions so well, and if he can work on his finishing he could get plenty of goals every season, he has already got a good number of goals in addition to missing a few good chances.

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Usain Bolt eat your heart out-we have Ramires :D

I had my doubts about Ramires when he first arrived-in fact,i was convinced we were sold a pup.But Ramires has developed into an outstanding player and scored a great goal on saturday.His pace is immense!.

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