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Grant: Unbeaten Run Affecting Blues

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Chelsea manager Avram Grant fears the Blues' long unbeaten home record is starting to have a negative influence on his side.

If Chelsea avoid defeat against Liverpool on Sunday they will make it 76 games unbeaten at home in the league during a period spanning four years.

Their last defeat at home in the top flight came against Arsenal in February 2004, and while Grant is proud of the record, sometimes he feels it causes the team nervous moments.

Grant said: "Any record is good. Most of the time it is very positive but sometimes it affects you because you are afraid to lose. Sometimes it is not so good .I think it is an unusual record, but it is good."

Under predecessor Jose Mourinho there was plenty of ill feeling between the two clubs following Chelsea's two Champions League semi-final defeats at Anfield.

But Grant is not interested in the past, although he does feel it will be difficult for Liverpool - 11 points behind third-place Chelsea - to claw their way back into the title race.

Grant added: "Anything can happen in football but for now it will be much more difficult for them.

"I think it will be a difficult game. When two clubs play against each other you always think about something from the past.

"Of course I don't have a problem with Liverpool, my only concern is that Chelsea will succeed."

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Bleh lol I sure they're not thinking 'oooo we could win 3 points but if we loose meh the points dropped its home record'!

We know its gana happen one day,they know is gana happen one day and has come close to loosing it over the 2 seasons so dont think makes them that nervous.If anything more detimind etc if we loose to scum yeh be sad but not cause of the home record!Ok a bit considering never hear the end of it but still,set a record thats gana be tough to beat so thats that.

"I think it will be a difficult game. When two clubs play against each other you always think about something from the past.

Yeh the fact scum havent scored against us at home and yonks and hopfully be another season till they can try again

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It really seems that is the case with the players and the manager. Fuking Dick, was playing for a draw against Liverpool not having the balls to attack and risk our defense. It was sooo frustrating, seeing Man utd lose a match and we playing for a DRAW!!!...WTF!!!.....I hope we really Lose a game at home soon next season, so that we play fearlessly for the rest of the season AT HOME!!!...our home record has been worst than our away record this season. BLAME IT ON THE RECORD!!!....and I know some fans wont like it, but I do beleive the home record is affecting our game. I woudnt want a 100 match unbeaten run at home at the cost of going 3rd season without the league.

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I would go for a win, and if its at the cost of losing the home record, so be it.

Out of the 19 matches, I would rather have something like 15 wins 2 draws a 2 losses than say 11 wins and 8 draws at home. A difference of 6 points...which is big enough.

Go to this website:


And check out are Home and Away record of this season as compared to last 3 seasons.

You will see why we won the league and why we havent won the league last season and why we are not going to win the league this season.

Bottam Line!!...Win as many games at homes as possible inorder to WIN the league

P.S: I am sorry I tried posting the tables but I coudnt, hence I gave you guys the link.

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