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Salomon Kalou abused on twitter


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It's a Friday morning, so it'd normally difficult for me to feel anything approaching sadness. However! Most Fridays don't include seeing this pop up in Twitter:


Salomon Kalou 3 out 5 replies of my tweets are unkind n are borderline vicious but they make me LOL#bhappystayhappy

Oct 07 via Twitter for iPadFavoriteRetweetReply

Shame! Shame on all of you. I get that Salomon Kalou is a) probably not a world-class footballer in the first place and B) out of form, but there's a difference between complaining about Kalou's football as it's happening vs. abusing him to his (virtual) face. Fans complain. I get it. I sure complained after Valencia. We make snarky remarks and do some ribbing. Fine - I think that's all in good fun. But this is something else entirely. As soon as mean comments meant to elicit a laugh start to be directed towards the brunt of the joke, it simply becomes very public bullying.

Outside of football, Kalou sure seemed to be a genuinely nice guy. I met him this summer at Stamford Bridge, actually, when he did some hosting of a blogger event after the Chelsea-Newcastle game. He handled us grownups graciously, chatted off the record, but what really impressed me was when a little girl saw the goings on in the box and tried to get a closer look at a real life Chelsea player Kalou invited her in, introduced himself to her, and took photos with her. I assume he was paid/told to be friendly to me (and he was!) but nothing said he had to be a sweetheart to a random child gatecrasher.

When you abuse Kalou on Twitter, you're not abusing Kalou, the inconsistent, infuriating footballer. You're bullying a decent human being who has done nothing but sometimes play poorly for the club you support*. That's vile behaviour, and it has to stop. Be better than this.

*Don't get me started on the media's interpretations of his quotes at the end of last season.


Nearly puked reading that yes critise him for his on pitch performances but to take thing's personally is out of order and too far.

Soloman Kalou's diary Friday 7th October 2011

Another day, same abuse by my own fans on twitter one said "get the fuck out of Chelsea and crawl under a rock in Australia far away and stay there" and that was one of the nicest thing's being said by da haters. It does get hard playing for a team when half of them hate your guts knowing if i don't pull of something incredible i will get a hard time and it's difficult, even if i score against Barca in the CL final (the winner) by skinning 5 of the players and hitting it in from 25 yards they will still hate. Yes i played it down on twitter but i can't let them win.

Im happy to take critism for my on pitch performances but why do they hate me? some even want me dead i mean why? (fighting back tears) I haven't killed anyone :(

I don't know why i deserve all off this hate, i love them fans and would die on the pitch for them yet half of them hate my guts :(

Its not real but would ot suprise me if it was something along the lines of that, just a reminder Kalou is a human being with feelings aswel.

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People need to stay polite... the meaning of politeness is long gone in the mind of, how do you call them... chavs? Be critical but stay polite... fuck me how stupid some people are.

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Too many people hide behind the anonymity of their monitor, smartphone, etc and think they're being clever when they "interact" with a public figure. "That" moment in the Valencia game was not a highlight moment for Kalou but to wish a player dead? Some supposed Chelsea fans need to get a life.

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Probably one of the reasons players ought to be banned from using Twitter. Too many people using it as a gateway for abuse, case in point being the guy who wished Jack Wilshere's baby die of cot death, a disgusting act within itself, and yet he (the Spurs fan) tried to brush it off as 'banter'.

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