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Igor Lichnovsky


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*cough**Alex**cough**Luiz**cough* :whistling::P

Don't know anything about the guy, but I trust we have the best scouts.

Of course, there are great defenders from South America and it wasn't my point.

He's 17.

He'd need time to adapt.


We already have 3 young defenders in Bruma, Chalobah and Kalas.

So, is he really needed?

I'm not saying that it would be a bad signing, just that it would be risky.

But anyway, I don't know anything about the guy so I'll just wait for further news.

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Why not scout talented wingers who we lack? We always focus on defensive players, and young central defenders we have...
We don't need him
Central defender? Bruma, Kalas, Chalobah...is he really needed with the risk included? South American defender? I'd pass.

He's 17.

It's not like we'll see him for another 4-years into the main squad. Bruma, Kalas, Chalobah. 3 central defenders are not enough for competition in the youth. Relax, it wouldn't be such a bad signing.. South America are producing good defenders, Liverpool just signed their best upcoming one.. Sebastian Cotes.

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We have 3 young defenders that are yet to have been proven in the premier league, so are they as much a risk as some of yous claim this Chilean is?

Also Liverpool just pinched one of the best center back prospects around and he is from South America so who's to say he isn't another decent young defender .. so if the reports are right I'd happily have this guy!

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