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Support Torres - Join me on the BOYCOTT..!


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Hi Guys,

I am a hardcore Chelsea fan who is heartbroken (as you guys) after the ManU match, I was very confident Torres would score last night, but to be honest, did not expect him to miss that potential 2nd..!

When Rooney missed the pen, I thought the headlines would be 'Rooney slip reduces AVB embarrassment' or something like that, but the Torres miss was the ultimate buffet for the worlds most ugliest creatures - the press..! a kind of a voyeurs..!

but to be fair apart from The Sun & Mirror (Dailymail, a little) rest have been very evenly critical of both teams, hats off to them.

however, the mother f*****s from Sun & Mirror were f***ing disgusting..!

I follow Mirror on twitter, their tweets & retweets of ManU fans were worse than Fergie's wife's..! burying Nando to the ground

I am sure The Sun would have done even a better job..!

My personal view on Torres' bad form is mainly is a reason of the papers..! I think it should end now, I am sure Nando would shut their foul mouth soon

but what I feel is, we should also give him them over full support at this point to show we fans still trust him & love him..!

what I have done is, I have unfollowed Mirror & Martin Lipton on twitter & made sure he knew why I stopped following him..! He has asked me for a LEGITIMATE reason & I have given him a PROPER one..! I think that's best I could do from down here from Sri Lanka...

but I know, the guys from UK could do even better, I ask you all, to at least do the same as I did with Twitter, and make sure you let them know the reason of not following them...

please do it for every Mirror & The Sun reporters please & SHOW YOUR SUPPORT TO FERNANDO TORRES...!



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You got to remember that both the sun and the mirror are written for the reading ability of 10-11 year olds. Thier target market are the majority of british people - retards. They have to write about Torres in this way because the majority of said retards will only remember Torres miss. The journos who wrote those stories won't feel that way as they are intelligent.

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Always believed in Nando from the start, not gonna turn my back on him or slate him now, not now not ever. It happens to the best players. I'm not just saying this because he plays for Chelsea, I have always been a fan of his.

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ok after many of them images. all different players ok. but i bet you they all have one thing in common. they all have missed EASY as hell chances. ok so now we can move to this guy right here


So far this guy has had a very poor goal to score ratio minding he is riding under the pressure of 50 million pound price tag and a very large fanbase that invested in him as well. But what i really find ridiculous is that how many journalist. even some fans are acting like vultures around him. ok he cost 50 million pound and ok he isnt exactly been samuel eto'o. but the selectiveness of these guys is shocking.

kaka-real-madrid.jpg can be argued as a very expensive flop too. but from what i seen. does this guy get much attack? Nope .

so in a way the press with their mind washing ways can go and make you believe torres pretty much is worse than . should we say titus bramble 2007 clones would have been in the 1994 world cup final for italys defence. No way. this guy had a great game vs leverkusen and im hoping if this has detered him it will come back and make torres stronger. yes maybe we are expecting a big load out of him. who isnt for a guy that done stuff like his volley goal vs blackburn back in 08-09 or maybe even his goal vs Us back in 07-08. we need to get behind this dude. if were just gonna slate and complain about him. then really we will just be putting the guy down further. if we get behind this guy. Just that one you can do it in the guys ear. will hopefully lift him beyond the bad grave of out of form/hasbeen strikers [they share it i guess xD]. This guys got talent. he should utilize it

and well in a shorter term. every good striker and goal scoring threat midfileder has missed bad. pfft im sure i seen villa and CR7 miss badly to

/shit post

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fuuuuh, what a relief, I thought I am the only Chelsea fan behind Nando, glad things I read were wrong, much happier to find out so much fans behind Torres....

Think we should let the f***ing Press know we are behind Nando....

Cm'on guys, those who visit Stamford Bridge regularly could do this, we can shit on their ugly faces...!

If United fans can implement an anti Glazer campaign, why can't we do our own 'anti media' campaign?

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I've been boycotting Lipton since the beginning. It's one thing to write Torres is playing like sh*t, etc. Lipton seems to have an agenda where his sole goal is to break Torres down at every opportunity. I've never seen a hack with a such an obvious agenda except maybe Hansen or Aldridge who at least hate him because he left their precious scousers and I can see their twisted logic although they both irritate the hell out of me.

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