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The F1 Thread


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Used to follow it but i stopped for well

1 Hamilton SHOVED down my throat. didnt like the dude anyway. little baby thats spoonfed

2 button_jensen_mclaren.jpg = Childrens_Shopping_Trolly.jpg

3 lack of balls pretty much in there now

4 Money is getting in the way of it

5 Races get very boring. including some tracks. that one in valencia is frigging horrible ya can watch for like the first 10 laps then when the cars space out it just becomes a borefest

I watched a aussie toruing cars race in rain about a good few months ago. [if you dont know what they are they are these things. whincup.jpg]

Watched the beginning of it the first 5 lead cars in the rain...after the safety car went in all the cars went skidding about. crashing to bits lots of good racing pretty quick too. never expected the lonely dude that was in 17th to win the race. that pretty much contributed to me going meh to F1 too

but god guys i used to be OBSESSIVE of f1 back when it was Schumacher in ferrari,Montoya in BMW willams/mclaren Alonso in renualt . just basically the pre hamilton days. still got a load of books left in the closet bout f1

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Some reason 2011 vettel.... schumacher of 2001-2004?

. German

. best car on grid

. Dominates everything and probably has the championship won before seasons end

. Team mate up in top 4

Yep he looks unstoppable this season only 4 races havn't been won by him so far, 2 by Button & 2 by Hamilton

Same old Schumacher. Always cheating

Hope he gets a drive through for that! Hamilton can't get past him atm, hindering his race

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:lol: He hasn't changed has he. Had to let Hamilton through in the end though. Vettel is amazing.

Love him off the track but on it he's the biggest fool going. It's fine if you have the faster car and yeah he's frustrated but he can't keep getting away with what he's doing just because of his reputation

Vettel is just unreal, run out of words to describe him

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