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The Stamp on Mata

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Why has this not been highlighted by SSN or MOTD ?

I was furious that Bardsley got off with one of the most blatant acts of stamping you'll see this season. It's showed clearly on this link below with several angles in "slow motion" (on 47 seconds). Bardsley adjusts his feet to make sure he was able to drive his foot down on Matas back. He even has the audacity to turn around straight after he done it and apologise for making contact. That angered me more.

I hope for the sake of other players out there that this thug is taken to task over his actions. This is not the first time Bardsley has went recklessly into a tackle or left someone leaving the pitch on a stretcher. He's a thug......plain and simple.


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Shocking altogether. There's not a chance Bardsley done that in error. In fact, there was no need for him to even go over the top of Mata. Fine if he had of been travelling at some sort of pace and needed to get over the top of Juan in order to avoid him. But he had virtually stopped dead. Absolute hallion who deserves a ban.

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It was clearly obvious it was intentional, shocking to be honest. But he either shit himself when he did it and went back to him to see if he's alright, or he was either acting it so he cudnt get into trouble. It should be looked into either way, i think he should get a ban, because really you should walk around the player, not do a tiny little jump over him. So if it's not intentional then it teaches him a lesson either way.

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It was so intentional! He could of easily avoided Mata or gone round him I think the reaction to turn around & check he was okay was to make it look accidental. The FA need to investigate & take some action. I'm shocked it hasn't been highlighted on MOTD though. Clearly shows nothing will be done about it.

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