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Potentially! Love playing Clubs, can either play CAM or any.

Haha i love clubs too, you got 360?, i play defensive midfield, scored 23 goals, 12 of them being free kicks, 35 assists in about 60 games, i don't think that's to bad for defensive midfielder, when all i do is tackle, tackle, tackle.

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I play clubs on 11 a lot, I'm a striker. Not greedy though, usually make a lot of assists upfront lol. How about we play on 11 first to get used to it a bit? I'm on 360. We could get something going tonight about 11PM (UK time)?

Add me on Xbox:


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OllieCFC - PS3

i'd be up for it. I got invited to the team last season but didn't play any matches lol. If we can organise things properly it could be great fun. I have Jim and Chris on my friends list even tho i aint even played em yet at anything but next fifa should be better than 11 anyway. Was a bit confused tho, i heard u can only use your pro or something whereas in fifa 10 you just played it with the normal players. Didn't even create a pro for fifa 11.

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