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What you guys think about tonights game? I think the giants, but with bradshaw and particularly nicks out i am not so sure, also cam newton looked a beast against the redskins. I might take the giants


Explains it...

Tom Brady and foxboro...

Their are like 3-4 stadiums which actually have a huge home advantage...

1. Seattle.

2. New England

3. New orleans

4. Denver (maybe)

Im not surprised Peyton failed again at Foxboro or the fact Brady rocked it in the second half.

Its a good thing, Broncos and Seattle will probably get number 1 seeds for their respective conferences.

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So who's everyones picks for the Super Bowl? I'm hoping for the pats and the saints but I think it'll be broncos and seahawks

Seahawks are like unstoppable at home.

If they get 1st in the NFC, they should come out from the NFC than.

The AFC is tricky... Manning has a better team, but I would put my money on Brady + in the cold (foxboro cold as...) However, I still think whoever comes out from the NFC, will be the superbowl champs anyways..

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There's nothing like bad weather football. It's a game that really works in the mess. (No other game really does)

I completely agree!

The only game I ever watched was a Bears vs Jets in 2010 at the Soodier Field and it was 20F snowing like crazy.

Needless to say the game was memorable...

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the one recruit from Alabama that didnt sign to either Auburn or Alabama lifts the National Championship.... All because he wanted to play both baseball and football...

Congrats to FSU and their perfect season....

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