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What you guys think about tonights game? I think the giants, but with bradshaw and particularly nicks out i am not so sure, also cam newton looked a beast against the redskins. I might take the giants


Explains it...

OMG this is getting confusing... Talking about rules i am not sure what he is on about lol... The whole fair catch and un contested field goal thing. That would be some long field goal.

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Eh what's going on with this safety catching palava?

They wasted 7 seconds and will make a much longer kick!

2 points wont matter...

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Great game, I hate the 49ers so I'm happy the Ravens won.

I want to focus on one specific event.

When Reed intercepted then got tackled there was a huge scrum/fight between Ravens and 49ers. I was terrified the refs would call a personal foul on the Ravens which would've negated the interception or something.

But they just called offsetting penalties. Also one of the Ravens shoved a ref and didn't get punished for it.

This is when I got mad at association football/footy/the real football/whatever you want to call it. If this was football that Raven would've gotten red carded and it would've changed the whole game. (The referee decides the game not players) But in the NFL it was treated as nothing and the game went on.

That's the way it should be, these stupid bookings every time a player loses their cool and slaps a player or something is ridiculous. I just don't understand why all the other football fans just accept this stupid rule. The booking system where a red card means you're down a man for the whole game. It's giving the referee too much power, PLUS it's ineffective to a certain point. Maybe redcards deter dangerous tackles most of the time, but it's not going to eliminate a guy losing his cool and punching, maybe even slapping someone. That's just the nature of pro athletes.

I mean if it was the NFL, Drogba slaps Vidic in the CL Final, he gets a 15 personal foul penalty at worst and we move on. That's the way it should be.

The whole booking system used in association football is stupid.

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