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Chelsea turnin' latino?

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Looking back at our squad a few years back and comparing it to the current one I could really notice it.

AVB - portuguese

Hilario, Fereirra, Bosingwa, Meireles - portuguese

Luiz, Ramires, Alex, Piazon - brazilian

Torres, Romeu, Mata - spanish

Davila - mexican

Is it a good thing? I think so. It will add to the atmosphere and while also having a portuguese coach it will only help.

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Latin football sucks. Look at Real Madrid and Barcelona...They are probably the best teams in the world at the moment, but they are still a bunch of pussies and pricks.

I am a latin and I think we use our hearts more than our brains and we try to fool ourselves sometimes.

The latin lads we have are great football players, but I hope they'll respect the Brittish spirit, when it comes to football.

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Guest justin_3d

^ignore the above comment. Nothing but idiocy.

I would like to add, that I don't recognize Portuguese as Latino. More like Europeans to me.

For me, when i hear the word Latino, i think about latin people from Central and South America.

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I thought we were going Belgium?

It really doesn't matter, because we should be going (or staying) English! We need MORE English and LESS foreigners! The numbers do matter, and i hope come either January or the summer, AVB sees this problem and rectifies it.

And i am one of the few that believes that AVB's job is secutre no matter what!

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I think it is a good thing. We have had a small Iberian influence since Mourinho in 2004 when we had Ferreira, Thiago, Carvalho and Mourais. If you watch South American football there is more of an emphasis of skill, passing and general attractive football while there is more of an emphasis on power and athleticism in the Premier League. However, it is important that we do not forget our english roots and continue to bring through English talent.

The language barrier of having so many Spanish/Portuguese speaking players will help too

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I'd also like to see more english players, just look at our UCL squad, we haven't been able to fill the four men capacity of players who have gone through our academy. I know it could also be foreign players from our academy but we are an english team so we 50% of our whole squad should be english imo.

In the next years there will be probably just 3 english players in our starting XI. That's something that makes me worried.

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I would like more English players just for bragging rights. But saying that, I really could not care less what nationality a players is, as long as they can communicate with the rest of the club.

Spain is pumping out talent like no tomorrow, so a few more Spaniards won't hurt, will it?

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Would love to get English players but the harsh truth is their not good enough and the one's that are will be far too expensive, Liverpool proved that £75m on 3 english players that are shit (2 of them have been relegated) lol.

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