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Sam Hutchinson and 25 Man Squad

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I believe we once again do not have sufficient numbers for the 8 homegrown player quota in our 25 man squad and will therefore once again be submitting a smaller squad to the Premier League today.

If my maths are correct we'll have six homegrown players eligible for the squad this season -



A Cole




Therefore my main question was about Sam Hutchinson. Now obviously he announced his retirement approximately a year ago, but I know he has been training since pre season with the reserve team and also played a couple of reserve team matches (and looked commanding and assured at the back I might add). Is this a permanent thing and he believes he can still make a career for himself, or is it just part time as I know he had plans to go into coaching with Chelsea.

If it's likely he can continue his career surely he's worth a punt in our 25 man squad when we have spare homegrown capacity. I don't believe even before his injury he would have become a first team regular, but definately had the ability to develop into a solid and reliable squad player at both right and centre back. What do people think?

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I've heard he's only playing reserves football to gauge how much physical activity he can partake in, his first team career is moreorless over unfortunately.

Normally van Aanholt and Kakuta would have been part of the homegrown contingent but they've of course gone on loan.

I wouldn't worry though, as we have an unlimited amount of U21 players we can call up if needed.

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He's still young enough to not have to be included in the 25 man squad. You have to be included in the squad if you are over the age of 21, hence why Sturridge and Bertrand have to be in the squad this year as opposed to previous years.

The club can field unlimited amounts of under 21 players during the year and not include them in their 25 man squad, i.e. McEachran, Lukaku, Romeu, etc

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