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Deadline transfers and AVB's plan


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Oh F.U.C.K my browser Maxthon... I just lost a post of hundres of words !

I personnally regard Meireles as a decent reinforcement to our squad and I guess I understand what is AVB thinking.. Here are my points:

1. AVB has promised to give Josh more time to play

--> Football have 11men * 90min on the pitch, so when the squad grows big , younger players play less.

CONCLUSION: We need to consider Josh as the first substitute of midfield , and send him on starting 11 when facing weaker teams.

2. Benayoun will not be happy if Josh plays more than him, he is a national player and needs regular games.

--> He has to accept that at Chelsea , he is a substitute, if he's not happy, he goes.

CONCLUTION: Send him on loan to Arsenal will keep the player happy and make Josh the 1st/2nd choice for playmaker( if we use Mata in midfiled ), also he will not be available when Arsenal faces us , Win-Win.

3. Lampard has shown declines as a footballer, in ability of dominating the midfiled as well as scoring.

4. Mikel will be out due to national duties , he is the slowest players we have in the midfiled.

5. Essien's back seems unexpectable, and he declines too.

6. Josh's not good at defend, Ramires lack of strength

--> We need a "Complete" midfielder, which means he passes, he tackles , he get into opponents' box to cause them problems , also he take long shots and give through balls sometimes. Some way similar to Lamps, but maybe should be more defensive ,because we need to fill the blank of Mikel&Essien's absent.

CONCLUSION: Meireles will do. He can play as defensive midfielder I think, protect and support Josh (as Playmaker) from deep. also he could be placed more advanced , as a box-to-box midfielder, he can threat opponents outside of the box(long shots or through balls whatever.. ) or just get inside like he scored against us last season.

(Based on Meireles' performance in Liverpool and Porto)

btw: Romeu will have chance, but in cup games. We are not going to place too many young players in midfield , lack of experience will get us killed , like Arsenal already had.

7. Kakuta have to proove himself to be good enough, we need dribbler , but not someone who never passes.

CONCLUSION: Kakuta needs learn more, loan for half season is good for him. When Kalou and Drogba left for national duties he will be on the bench.

8. PVA just be patient ,he deserve more games , unlucky to have best left back as his teammate XD.

CONCLUSION: Loan for one year to Premier League side, he'll gain more than stay on the bench or a loan to Championship. Good for him

For those players who are linked with rumors

About Sturridge. I think he's priority to play is higher than Kalou right now, so I bet about 10 starts and more sub-ins in league, maybe at least 1000mins to play. So noway to send him on loan , he'll be in first team.

About Kalou. I appreciated the player before, but last season he missed many good chance (even one-on-ones ?), and I get my mind neutralized on him . I dont know why he looks so soft since preseason period , no wonder AVB disappointed with him, so he may get no chance, then go.

About Malouda. He wants to stay , stay. He wants to leave , leave. He was a real surprise on season 09-10 , looked really sharp, but last season he was a let-down , just a winger who never cross. I quote someone's words : When we play good, he's ok, when we play shit, he's shit. (sorry I forget where did I see it)

About Anelka. If he has no intention to make money in MLS, we should let him retire at our club. This frenchman plays with some real talent in football, he's a great striker and contribute many goals ,unfortunately he's growing old.

Abot Alex. eh... he's a good center-back and a choice of freekick taker, we only sell him on right price.

So, as soon as I calmed myself , I find it acceptable and satisfying , the deadline day.

ok I DONT see us far away from ManUtd and ManCity. Player in one thing of games, and so do TACTIC , let's see how AVB use them.


( You are welcome to make comment on my points as well as my usage of english , thank you for reading XD )

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