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Deadline Day!

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Slightly annoyed that Ox turned us down but can't be bothered about Barkley TBH. Don't see where he fits in our current squad and he's out injured till January.
Barkley is meant to be back in November. I'm not too fussed about either, as one is still potentially decent, whilst the other didn't want to fill the role waiting for him here.
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Just now, Dimitr said:

Don't care 

we will not qualify for knockout stages of UCL .we haven't  hopes 

so good

Are you actually a fan? How can you say we won't qualify to the Knockout stage. 

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I have some faith in Bakayoko because his name was the first we heard back in May (a little before that of Lukaku was n't it ?).
If Morata does n't turn out to be a new Jimmy Greaves, then it's the biggest club fail of the century.

From Greek football I remember a year when Panathinaikos were crashing the gates and preventing all the other teams from making a tranfer.
They signed all the good ones but also if there were some out of the way good looking third division centre forwards, green money was offered to buy them.
The objective was to stop them from strengthening the opposition in any sort of way and those third division players never played again.
The greens after signing them were just giving them a good gift to go home and become gardeners.
In our case however -in Bosman years- it's the disease of "crabsitis".

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Maybe having players on their way back and 2 wins have made them think hmm maybe things aren't as bad as may be. Hence no rush to sign and whatever..or its just them being crap at it..again..more the same later on no doubt.  Just hope if things go wrong that are out of Conte's control he doesn't get the blame 

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I hope the transfer window closes as soon as possible so we can stop the circle jerk of last months. This forum was a better place when people used to praise the likes of Mikel. lol

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