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Deadline Day!

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3 minutes ago, petre.ispirescu said:

Think it's only a fabricated rumour by the club to keep us fans on our seats and make this deadline day a bit exciting. When in truth everything's going to end in a few hours, club will inform some Chelsea related journous that they have tried for Mahrez all day (as reported!), did everything, but for some reason deal did not go through, now it's all over, window is closed, see you in the winter, fans should support the club and manager, bla bla bla..

Nah I don't think that's it. Mahrez even got permission from the National Team to sort out his future so surely it can't be just Chelsea fabricating some info that's not true. I think it's more a case of Mahrez & agent desperately trying to make the move to a bigger club so they link him to pretty much everyone but so far nobody is biting. 

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52 minutes ago, different level said:

We're probably done. Why was Matic sold without us having a replacement is beyond me. 

where are you? we have been doing this kind of business for many seasons now

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So much misoginy not only in this thread but overall in the forum and its been unbelievable to read at some of the coments!!! You should be ashamed of yourself you all have mothers!!!  Where are the mods I wonder !!! 

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