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Lukaku Debut

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Great debut!

Very confident and demanding the ball at anytime...

Good to see he set up some good combinations with the wingers!

And how present can you be in a 15 minute subsititution :)! Still can do a lot better!

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Also, not sure What Lukaku did that got you so excited that you had to start a thread. He could have pulled the trigger a bit early on the shot on goal. But he is still rusty, and will take time. Looked Decent and energetic but to say he did more than Torres was out rightly stupid

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Was this really necessary? I mean, I was happy with Lukaku's performance and I'm excited for him, but no need to bash Torres.

I think it was "largely" a joke mate...

Anyways with Ulises Davila, i think we have ever kind of striker in our team...It'll be a shame on our midfield, if none of these guys start scoring though

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I was REALLY impressed by Lukaku when he came on today. He got into really good attacking areas, and he knew how to control the ball. Kalou and Anelka need to learn from him!

Add Drogba and Torres to that list and exclude Anelka. . . in regards to ball control and retention.

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I did like Lukaku's overall performance, he was available and did show a great understanding with his partners, the intention was really there. His first touches were not that good but it's only a debut.

Otherwise, the thing I did appreciate a lot was his Darren Bent style to play a relay with a support player such as Anelka or Bosingwa on the wing and directly go into the box after that, I did read he is a clinical finisher (even if he said he has to improve, but like every other striker !) and pretty clever in the box so he will certainly be very usefull this season by tracking down balls in the penalty box.

If we improve drastically our free kicks and corners (with Mata's help, great crossing ability otherwise !) and if we find someone to score goals like Bent it's nearly a guarantee of 10~15 points more than last season !

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Guest justin_3d

Different kettle of fish to Kakuta -this lad is big powerful, and is in a different class (probably)

Why different?

Kakuta was suppose to be our next messi. Or as label the Black Zidane!

Now this guy the next Drogba?

Please, people over hype a player too much!

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