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UCL Group Stage Draw

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TBH UCL Group stage and 2nd round draws have been favorable to us in the last 5 years. and here's hoping that luck continues. 4 teams I hope we avoid at any stage of the competition except the final are Barca, Real Madrid, United and Porto.

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Agree with Kieran. Porto already lost their coach, and their top goal scorer. Could probably still lose their best midfielder to us :P

Only serious threat there will be Incredible Hulk

Wouldn't be nervous about Porto.

Yes they have lost Falcao and their manager but the core of the team remains the same. in addition to that the team spirit, squad depth and quality that made them a competitive force last season simply wouldn't varnish overnight. When we lost Mourinho and a couple of key players in 2007, we didn't exactly become a relegation threatened team did we?

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Guest justin_3d

If Man City draw Real Madrid (pot1), Milan (pot2), City(pot3) then some other team, it would be great. lol Poor city in pot3. All non English teams will want to avoid Citeh, thats for sure.

If City finish in a Real Madrid or Barcelona group then it will still be bad for others, cause you will get 2 good teams from there. City might be first or second, but who ever faces them second round will not be easy.

We luck out cause we don't get to face no english team group stage or the next round till quarters.

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