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Paulo Henrique Ganso


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Can't find the thread for him so I will assume my eyes don't deceive me and their isnt one.

@GuillemBalague on twitter who brought us the mata news tweets; Ganso (Santos) is being followed by Chelsea, City and specially Spurs.Expensive (over £23),1 for future: will end up soon in a top four team

@FreddieBoswell7 another person who is considered to be ITK, tweeted in response to that tweet saying: Possible,both Milan clubs interest is ebbing.PSG need watching though.

I would reckon he is a backup plan to modric not happening.

He is brilliant on the ball with lightning vision, but lack of pace with constant knee injuries and poor defense as a result has me thinking our first choice in modric is the right choice. But nonetheless we have a link.

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Freddyboswell is the Dick who spent most of this year telling us that neymar was a done deal for chels! Never listen to a word he says

It was, but now Wagner Ribeiro is angry with the israeli agent and thats why Neymar will not come.

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But how would that be possible? Highly doubt that this could be true

It could only be an amical agreement. Indeed, Ganso wants to play with Santos against Barça, and plans to come in Europe after that game, so in january. Thus, we will make this deal 'official' in the january window... It could be that....

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