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Chelsea Premier League Season Preview

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I wouldn't say I disagree with you - I believe that us, City and United are so well-matched (City have the best squad but Chelsea and United have superior starting elevens when fully fit) that the games home and away against them will decide the destination of the title.

The EPL was won at home last season thanks to United's record at Old Trafford - the league is now so competitive it must be won away from home. We need to win at least 50% of our away fixtures, on top of 90% of our home fixtures, I predict. Judging by previous seasons, 80-84 points will win the title.

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For those looking for another read about Chelsea, should read into Jamie article at skysport:


Pretty good article. It's a lot better than most of the media's pronouncements that we have no shot, are far too old, AVB too inexperienced, etc. I appreciate honesty, but I think most of the media are really overstating the case. I've seen a fair amount of questioning of AVB's ability to mesh the egos of the players. Well, they've meshed before and can mesh again. Judging by the attitudes of the players during preseason matches and in the press, I would say that they are a bit embarrassed at how last season turned out. There is renewed fire in the veterans. These dogs can still hunt.

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