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Mario Götze

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Borussia Dortmund star Gotze happy to keep Man Utd, Chelsea waiting

The German ace has been watched by the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea in the last six months.

The 19-year-old has emerged as one of the continent's most exciting young players and has already won comparisons with Lionel Messi.

"Everything works here," he said in an interview with the Bild newspaper. "We have a very good coach (Jurgen Klopp), a team with sensational prospects and we all understand each other.

"Also I have my family, what more could I want?

I know some players who have played abroad. It was not always easy for them. For me that would definitely be too early."


Great player.Young, hungry, creative german with exciting abilities.Do we follow him ?

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A top player already, I definitely want him in our team in the future... But I agree, it's too early now for him, the German league is the perfect place for him to develop for a few more years. The problem is his price will be too high by then if he manages to avoid trouble, but hopefully he will be worth it. Maybe we won't need him if McEachran rises... but they are different players, Götze is more technical and runs more, while McEachran is more subtle and scans for a killer pass.

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Would've been a possibility had the Bundesliga not started already.

That being said, if they sold Sahin in 1 window, the won't sell Goetze in the same one.

Losing Sahin was just frustrating, we'd been chasing him for a long time too :( Sahin & Ozil is one bright midfield for Madrid, both at discount prices of around $10 million and $16 million too :cry: Didn't Gotze sort of label us as a "buying to win" club once though? Still it would be great if we did manage to get him a few seasons down the line.

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Franz Beckenbauer said that Gotze will be a world-class player, and when the Cesar talks, you listen.

Frankly I would be much happier if we signed him than if we signed modric, neymar, lukaku....

But he's probably not leaving, German players rarely leave their home country.

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