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JT impressed by AVB

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"He's come in and, really, from day one, he's been on the ball and on the button with us all so we're all intrigued to see what he can bring over the next few weeks and the forthcoming season.

"He won't mumble on for 20, 30 minutes at a time. It's quite short, quite brief, but he covers everything, whether that be in training or in the team meetings.

"One thing I've really been impressed with is the training side of things. There's a real emphasis - whether that's because it's pre-season at the moment - on the way he wants us to play, individually, collectively.

"We've done an awful lot of ball work, but I've been really impressed and everyone seems to finally understand the way he wants us to play. Naturally, that's going to take a few more games to get it where we want to be but certainly we're implementing that every day."

"Andre is a modern manager. The thing that impresses me, he understands the players. He's not old school. I've been speaking to a couple of the other lads at Villa and Blackburn. They're on double sessions and they're busting their guts basically every day. Whereas I think football has moved on a bit from a few years back, and he certainly understands that, and listens, and takes on board what we say."

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Nice. It's important for the captain and the whole team to voice out support to the manager... Not only players need confidence, the manager does also, especially a new settling one.

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