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A bit more transparency from Chelsea FC?

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So we all know how, in laymen's terms, our website is sh*t at telling us news. However in the last 2 weeks I've noticed the website's been more informative than it's been in the past. Examples include, confirmation of a medical of Courtois & now the confirmation of a deal being agreed with Barcelona for Oriol.

Of course it's not perfected yet, because the departures of men like Clement & Borini haven't even been updated yet, nor has the actual signing of Courtois. But we are starting to see some changes from Chelsea as of late.

On top of that we're also seeing parties of the club showing a bit more fan appreciation with Villas-Boas & even Gourlay addressing our concerns about new signings not being chased as of yet. I like this, it's been a while since CFC have informed us of anything really.


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I think AVB is not stranger to that, previous seasons communication wasn't really good, by example Ancelotti was very diplomatic in press conference. Villas Boas is more communicative, his answers are not as stereotypical as were Carlo's

I think it's a global initiative from the club to improve communication

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I think it's down to the club being on tour and the manager having to deal with the press and generally talk a lot more often than he normally would at Cobham.

Of course AVB is not the charmer/diplomat/bullshiter that Ancelotti was so he may be more blunt or revealing about some things.

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