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Movies you never want to watch

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There are a few films that nobody can ever make me want to watch them.

Any of the Harry Potter films


Star Wars

Lord of the rings


The Social Network

Any girlish romance film (ie. Remember Me, PS I Love You, The Notebook, Dear John etc.)

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Any of the Twilight Saga, Anything with High School or Musical in the title (especially both!!), Any movie that features boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, (or any other type of significant others) as the romantic leads!! Black Swan (or any other movie where dance is a major part)... I turned off Black Swan about 1/3 of the way through, I don't like horror movies (not the new and really gory ones) but a good psychological thriller I can watch but only once (ie Silence of the Lambs, Cape Fear)

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"The Hottie And the Nottie" (the movie with Paris Hilton in it, it ranked bottom 10 in IMDb I think)


Any kind of musicals

Romantic comedies (fuck off Hugh Grant)

"Never Say Never" the JB documentary, although I gave it 1/10 on IMDb because I'm a jelly hater

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Three men one hammer.

[don't even search it or even think of watching it unless you want to be disturbed.]

It's not a movie, but still.. I remember when it made news, I was absolutely disgusted.

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