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Some of AVB training & tactic leaked

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Villas-Boas' training secrets revealed! (Well, some of them...)

Read more: http://www.dailymail...l#ixzz1Sbhsu9PR

He did not know we were looking but Sportsmail grabbed a sneaky peek at Andre Villas-Boas' training notes.

With apologies for leaking a few of his secrets, Martin Keown and Matt Barlow look at what the Portuguese is working on with his new squad. These are very detailed notes and written in English, which suggests they are for the benefit of his new team of coaches.

Villas-Boas is clearly very organised and his attention to detail is impressive. By writing step-by-step instructions, the Chelsea boss is laying down the law to his staff so they know what to do during the session.





what do you think ?

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Not as revealing as I thought it would be but there's some interesting info on some of the drills.

Point #2 is the one that caught my attention. It seems we may see the return of crosses from widemen, a tactic which was all but abandoned under Ancelotti. That could mean something about Drogba's future with the club.

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AVB double-bluffing, Emperor Palpatine style. He wants the Bothan Spies Daily Fail journalists to see this information, so he can destroy the Rebels opposition with his brand-new Death Star and fleet of Star Destroyers!! Torres and Drogba!

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He doesn't plan on playing Drogba and Torres together??

Never used Drogba and Torres together during training either , not once according to eyewitnesses . Always on opposite teams during the 9 v 9 drills . If that carries on into the season , it'll be a direct , robust 4-3-3 again . Playing to the team's strengths .

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Guest justin_3d

They just zoomed in on his clipboard - it's hardly hacking a dead girl's phone in terms of journalistic wrongdoing.

Oh alright, cause it sounds kind of shady to me...

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Torres has the best complementarity with Anelka, we saw this at Copenhagen and versus West Ham... I think it's the best pair possible at the moment

We have to see with Drogba, before he had malaria, his hernia surgery changed his way of playing, he was omnipresent and less on the top of the attack than before. Malaria forced him to moderate his energy spending so we couldn't judge very well during this season.

Torres has also changed his way of playing, at Liverpool he received less balls from his midfield and a lot of his goals came from long runs with long balls, often on the wings... And the last year, his problems of fitness and energy forced him to be "more" static than before with less of presence in the game

He has to settle him correctly in the attack with another partner (thing he didn't have at Loserpool), and he has to be used by the way our midfields plays.

I think a patnership Drogba/Torres is possible, if we consider that Drogba would be the support striker and Torres the striker on the top of the attack. But before they found complemantarity, Villas Boas is right to consider first the partnership which worked the best, Anelka/Torrres

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Why should he?. . . . isn't it obvious that Torres and Drogba can never form a formidable partnership

I'm a bit surprised he didn't even try. We've seen Anelka and Drogba work it out, although that was different, and I thought maybe Villas-Boas had an idea of how to play these two. I hope this doesn't mean that Drogba's leaving.

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