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Team Fortress 2

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I have this game for the xbox 360. Its fucking brilliant

Sniper <3

shonex you got gmod too? :D. but if you got TF2 then im fine with ya playing. *sucks at it though*

I had gmod before. As for TF2, yes I have it and I play it. Add me, sh0n3x.

"SANDVICH!" :lol:

seriously though it looks like a really good game! :smiliecap1:

It is, give it a shot ;)

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Should get a TC gathering on a TF2 server. and oh yes Pyro>>>>ALL. and trust me guys This game is Very addictive only been playing it since last weekend but musta racked up like 10-15 hours on it already. recommended by me

Also heard theres new weapons on it including some lazer gun thing. pretty deadly but ya have to buy it

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