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Promote Nathaniel Chalobah

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It may seem pretty premature, but I've seen him in many youth/reserve games and at the U17 World Cup he has been fantastic.

He plays as a CB, is comfortable on the ball, strong in the air (scored a header) and a great tackler.

He is also good with the ball at his feet and many people have tipped him to be the new John Terry/future Chelsea captain.

I hope that he gets a chance next season, in my opinion he is as good as Bruma (now at HSV) and hopefully AvB will see this, especially with Holland as a coach.

Even if he gets a few, just in the cup.

A real future Chelsea captain, leader and legend.

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It's far too early to promote Chalobah.

I'm a huge fan of him. I think he has the making to be even better than Phil Jones will be, however we must be patient. He's still 16 and we have time to properly bring him up as we're doing with McEachran.

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Theres no reason he can't be on the bench for a cup game provided we play lower league opposition, he was on the bench for our carling cup game against newcastle last year. As far as I know he does train with the first team already. Be it now or in a few years time, looking forward to seeing him make his debut blue%20scalf.gif

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because he has shown himself capable in a few positions FB,CB,DM..i hope that he isn`t used as a utility player but is given one position to be groomed into properly..i think that was something we should have done with Cork and Mancienne..but we have hopefully learnt from that mistake.

i would say that position should be CB but then that would probably mean that he would have to be patient and wait perhaps a year or two. as for me the hardest positions for a young player to take the leap into the pros in is CB and DM.

i guess he could see some action in the LC,as a sub..a few minutes here and there against lesser teams.... with us being able to name 7 subs these days i don`t see why we couldn`t use say atleast two of those sports with our young ,yet to be established players..Josh would take one spot but the other one could be used by one from a list of a few...mainly being Billy Clifford,Kakuta,Conor Clifford,Chalobah,Lalkovic.. (i`m counting Sturridge as an established player)

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There is no way we will promoting Chalobah to the first team anytime soon. He is getting fantastic experience playing in the U18's and Reserves way ahead of his time and he is not ready for the first team at all yet. Fantastic prospect 100% but lets let him develop and grow.

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I watched several of his matches, but I did not make any impression. Rather, I am impressed by Carl Magney

And I think it far-fetched to believe that Nathaniel Chalobah will be captain and heir of John Terry.

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