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Hunt Shirt Swap Rumour

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Taken from "Chelsea Chat" on TOCFCWS:

All game long the Chelsea faithful abused Hunt with some rather predictable plays on words that rhyme with his name, and booed him mercillessly whenever he was able to touch the ball, which thanks to the absolutely immaculate Makalele was not very often.

The final insult for Hunt though came after the final whistle. Our source in the Chelsea backroom area informs us that after the game Hunt's shirt was passed to the Chelsea kitman to swap for a Chelsea player's shirt, with Ballack's the one requested by Hunt. This is a normal occurance after most games; typically most shirts are traded over after the whistle but sometimes the Kitman is asked to do it as the player is getting changed. Our Kitman disappeared into the dressing room and came out five minutes later having asked the Chelsea team for a swap.

He handed Hunt's shirt back to the Reading Physio with the terse reply:

'You can have it back mate.'

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I'd first make a lifesize voodoo doll, put the shirt on and attack it with a rather long knife. Then burn it, then flush the remains down the toilet. That way, everyone is happy, except the plumber who won't be able to charge £500 for spending 15 minutes on unblocking a cistern.

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