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A case for Kalou

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Kalou gets a pretty hard time on this forum and it seems a lot of fans are happy for him to leave this summer but im going to make a case as to why he should stay if he is happy to be a squad player.

--------------------------------APPS (as sub)------Goals---Assists






Overall--------------------------130(96)------------ 54---------35

For a squad player that usually plays out wide that ain't bad, if he starts demanding regular starts then we might have to review his position but if he is happy to play squad player then those stats show that he should be kept, add to the fact he is only 25, which is young in our current squad.

Also aswell as chipping in with his fair share of goals he scores some pretty vital ones too, here are the few i can think off out the top off my head ......


Equalizer at home to Spurs in the cup that gets us a replay, we go on to win the replay then the whole tournament.

Last minute winner against Watford that kept us in the title race.


Winner at Bolton which ended a worrying winless and scoring run.

The winner at christmas against Newcastle which kept us in touch with the top 2.

Although not a goal the pinpoint cross for Riise's OG, an away goal which helped us progress to Moscow.


A leveler against Man.Utd which saved our home run (all be it briefly).

2 goals and 2 assists when we thumped Boro 5-0 away and 2 crucial goals in the return fixture at home.

Gave us the lead against Cluj in the CL group game when it looked like we could have been going out.

Scored against Southend which spared us an embarrising home FA Cup exit, we won the replay and went on to win the FA Cup.

the only goal of the game against West Ham away.Cech saved Noble's penalty and helped us take 3 points.


Scored a priceless away goal in the San Siro.

Struggling against Cardiff in the FA Cup, he comes on game changes 4-1, we go on to win it.

Early brace against Stoke in the run in which settled unbearable nerves in the title run in (he went on to get a hat-trick).

3rd goal against Wigan which settled lingering doubts about where the title was heading.


The winner at home to Spurs which ultimately took the title race to the penultimate day.

So overall despite his reduced status in the squad he has done more than his fair share over the years and squad players like Kalou are hard to come by these days, he may frustrate the hell out of us often but we can always guarentee he will score a vital goal or two every season and if it weren't for two goals in FA Cup draws against Tottenham (2007) and Southend (2009) we would not have had 2 of the 3 FA Cup's we have won in recent years (just saying).

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It's called the law of averages. Any below average player in one of Europe's elite clubs will have chances, and score the occasional vital/priceless goal.

Every single one of Kalou's appearances last season could have been given to an 'up and coming' youth player. The most ridiculous thing is that Kalou actually thinks he's good enough for the first team. Which means he's undervalued this club, as we simpy don't need people like that. He attacks his own team mates through the media too, which is unacceptable.

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Is it so hard to admit , that kalou is pure shit !!!

you can try to use stats to prove your point , but if stats are reliable then Avram Grant was just as good as Mourinho .

Manager Games PL win Overall

Hiddink 22 85% 73%

Mourinho 185 71% 67%

Grant 54 69% 67%

Ancelotti 86 63% 64%

Scolari 36 56% 56%

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The problem is: if Kalous had few more skills he would have more than 54 goals, because he had many chances to do so.

Not skills. Consistency. And unfortunately I don't think that's going to change much. You could say that its down to the fact he doesn't play often, but that's too convenient an excuse..

But I have to agree with Tomo..As a squad player, he's a fantastic option to have and having such an option is a rarity these days. I doubt he'll be around much longer, when he realizes he won't be able to tie down a regular starting role.

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I look at it like this, we are trying to compete with Manchester United in England. Now would he get a game for them? Ashley Young, Valencia, Nani, Berbatov, Rooney and Hernandez are all comfortably MUCH better players. In my opinion he wouldn't even make their bench.

His biggest talent is that he sometimes is in the right place at the right time. He doesn't run particularly fast, he isn't physically strong, his technique is very average (often down right embarrassing). He doesn't offer any serious compeition for places because he isn't that good. We can do better and should do better.

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We should not keep players because they're good "squad players". We should have players who have the potential to push for a starting place, hence increasing competition.. Which increases the work-rate of the players in that competition.

Do you really think Torres & Sturridge will now look at Kalou as serious competition? No. And nor do we. There is no case for Kalou except the case for him to leave. It's not out of being spoilt, it's out of watching him not progress in the 6 seasons he's been here.

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Well done, but i look at gameplay over statistics, and Kalou puts to many poor performances in, despite the good statistics he also mucks up stuff too. But i would still keep him, he's only 25 or maybe 26 now... but i don't think he should be a starter.

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He isn't consistent enough for me to establish himself above the likes of Torres andf Drogba, especially when they are on their day! I would rather sell Kalou and play Sturridge, then the other way around.

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I respect him for his hard work and true dedication to the team, but I'm not sure that he is happy to continue being a benchwarmer. Perhaps he'll stay another season to see what can Andre offer him and then he'll think about leaving.

He ain't the best player in the world, but I think the rest of our fans should respect him for his dedication and effort he puts in. He is our player and we should support him rather then curse him...

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