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To get this out of the way..

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I should have saved the fricking Sky video.

Anyway, I'll try to break it down.

André: This one is pretty simple as long as you understand how the diacritic(accent?) works.

And-reh or And-ray rather than And-reh

Villas: The "Vill" part of the word sounds like Aston Villa (Vil-a/Veel-a) rather than the spanish player David Villa (Vee-ya).

The "as" part, at least according to Sky's reporter in Portugal, is pronounced "ash" (stronger than what you can hear at this site)


Boas: The "bo" sounds like something between "bow" and "boh" and the "as" is similar to the "ash" of Villa although slightly lighter.


Edit: In the video you posted the journo @ 0:55 says something like Vil-ash Bo-az

I heard it, its a brazilian guy. Its perfect. This guy is from Rio de Janeiro, where the "s" has a similiar sound as the "s" in Portugal.

But, seriously, do you consider that a "SH" ? I dont think so. For me "sh" is a really different sound. Like aSHley, caSH, caSHley cole.

In the video and in the site you posted, the pronounce is the same, its because in portuguese when you talk fast, the "s" is not as strong as saying it slowly.

Specially big names like Andre Villas-Boas, in general you speak it faster than shorter names.

I dont find that to be and "sh". As I said, in Daily Mail there was a video when the guy tried the Vilash Boash and it sounded awful.

I think the "ss" sound is more appropriate to describe that sound than "sh".

Class - Cash.

The ss is more similar to the the sound in the video I posted and in the pronounce of the brazilian guy.

But is difficult to discuss this, because you are from Greece, I dont know how you pronounce cash or Ashley.

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Barney Ronay making things even harder for us.

André Villas-Boas bites back for football's bourgeoisie

The first public appearance of André Villas-Boas at Chelsea this week was a fascinating occasion. In the course of it I learned several things, including the correct pronunciation of Villas-Boas, which is "Bee-yash-Bow-yash". This is quite difficult if you're a native Anglophone and it is perhaps best to imagine the phrase "bish-bosh" pronounced in the lingering accents of a villainous James Bond-era Russian spy turned slapdash painter and decorator.

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