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Assassins Creed Revelations


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A few new neat combat animations but it looks like more of the same, which should be great a long as the story is worth it.

How old is Ezio in this one?

Best trailer to a game, ever ^

Is that Masyaf where they tried to hang him?

I'm afraid there won't be a PC version :angry:

Of course the will be, it may just be released a year after the console versions.

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I'm a bit disappointed though. It seems like a game with new story, few innovations and that's it. AC developers said that they were preparing something special that will blow everyone away for the E3, but if this was it I'm not impressed.

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I'm so disappointed with this game. Love the assassins creed games but this one I cant get into this at all. It's just the same as the last ones and so far what they have done new doesn't overly excite me. If there was anything else coming out id trade this in a heart beat. Can't even be bothered playing when ive got some time to kill.

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I haven't quite finished Brotherhood yet. Is this worth purchasing or should I just borrow it off a mate?

Well it depends on you, but it's not as good as previos ACs. I still haven't finished it actually :fainthv9:

You better borrow it and see if you like it ;)

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I think despite the gameplay being more or less the same as in Brotherhood and even AC2 this one has better balance, pacing and a better ratio of the various gameplay components (no stupid out of place DaVinci missions) and generally hit the sweet spot its predecessors were aiming for.

If I was let down by one thing is that "Revelations" hardly progressed the Desmond story and

made Ezio look like a puppet who never really understood his cause rather than the grandiose hero he was built up to be.
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I just finished the game. Major mindfuck.

I'm looking forward to ACIII. Hopefully it will mark a return to the ACI style of assassination- where you do some serious research on a target to know who he is and why you kill him. In all of Ezio's AC's, its basically like "Here's the bad guy, go kill him now."

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