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Just who is in charge of the Lunatic Asylum known as Chelsea F. C.

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Just who isin charge at the moment. Roman is off to Russia on business apparently. Guus is off on holiday apparently. So who is making the decisions . Ron Gourlay a marketting assistant of Peter Kenyon , Buck an American lawyer, the mysterious Marina ,,,or Elmano that noted girls coach.

Perhaps they are all on holiday while the good ship Titanic heads for the iceberg. Of course it is the close season when then players head to the beaches or if younger to Hamburg. But it is also the time to plan for the coming year. Of course we all know the big decisions are made by Roman .

At the risk of being mauled by those who can see no faults in him I would question just how good his decision making is.

Yes he has invested hugely ,,yes Jose was a good appointment . But much of the title winning side was inherited from Ranieri.

So were his other appointments good ? Grant ,,Scolari ,,Carlo.

Was the purchase of Shevchenko a good move? Was the purchase of Torres ,,, Was the release of Ballack and Carvalho.

My concern is decisions seem random . Im searching to see an overall strategy and I can't. Last year I imagined we were attempting to meet

the incoming EUFA financial regulations . That seemed to vanish with the purchase of Torres and Luiz.

Usually I've been accused of being blindingly optimistic . Normally I look forward to each forthcoming season with eager anticipation .

Not this year ,, I am worried about City about a revived Liverpool ,,that Arsene will actually spend . I know Ferguson wont stand still .

I know he wont be on holiday ...

guess all I can do is try to K T F

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Mate i am certain that the ''small'' people in the club are the one's that run the club while the Owner + director's are away on holiday.Some of Roman's decisions didn't came out good,but taking everything to account we became a financially stable club,we are a brand in the World.We became a big club,playing in the Uefa Champion League every year,signing World Class players and bringing silverware almost every year.We will never have it perfect no matter who comes in charge.I was personally against sacking Ancelotti and i still don't think anyone apart from Hiddink will please my and the appetites of our supporters.We are far from the start of the season,signing players with quality is much harder than before,but the names we are connected with should raise optimism even in our more pessimistic supporters.We will come good and i feel that we will always be up there in the top challenging for silverware.

If Roman didn't come we wouldn't be were we are and perhaps we would ended like Leeds or worse.But that wouldn't really stop us from supporting the Mighty Blues now would it? And i am certain that the current situation won't either.

Keep the faith!

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I always thought there was some underlying logic amongst all the madness that we have seen at our football club. But I find it pretty hard to explain some of the decisions made since Ron Gourlay came along.

From Roman's perspective, look at this way...I don't think he attends or watches all the games, so unlike the fans he does not observe some of the little things, like the players losing form, or unfortunate incidents taking place during the game which can affect the course of an entire title race. In a business its all about results, and so for him, his big investment and double winning team, which cruised to a domestic double last season, is unable yield even one trophy which even Birmingham city could manage to. And then he feels ok, lets get the holy grail instead, and here's 50m quid for your trouble, and even that falls apart (albeit under unfortunate circumstances).

That's probably why Roman and the fans don't always see eye to eye, with the Carlo sacking, etc.

On a side note, I just think he's getting bad advice at times..well,.at least this season.

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Personally I find the idea of Ron Gourlay in charge scary,I wouldn't trust him to flush a kharzi without cocking it up,but Roman must have faith in him or why else would he be there?.

I used to think the suits that run clubs such as ours were dedicated,skilled profesionals who knew what they were doing and acted in the clubs best intrests............what a plum!.

Previous posts point to what looks like a 'scatter gun' approach to decession making with what appears to be a 'well I hope it works this time' attitude amongst the suits in charge instead of a long and carefull thought proccess behind the clubs plans & long term goals.

One good point is Roman's love for Chelsea can't be doubted,just wish we could say the same about some of the 'advisers' around him.

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This should cheer Zolayes and others up a bit


Hiddink coming, Zola as assistant manager, Neymar, Lukaku and Van der Wiel to sign, plus we're trying to get Kaka on loan. :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

and Boswinga on his way out........

It would have cheered me up greatly if I had read talks were at an advanced level and likely to be agreed soon.

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just realised I started this thread on June 6th ,,Anniversary of D day which I remember well ,,We landed in Normandy to defeat the Germans.

Ironic they are now raiding our academy ...and our Nero's fiddle while Rome burns

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Just chill out Zol and relax ;)

All we can do is to support the club and the players :)

Wrong. supporting the club and players does not forbid raising concern about the club's flaws, it only shows you care enough and want the best for the club :whistling:

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when Roman arrived if you guys recall it was like he had bought the club for his son,can`t remember his name exactly,something like Arkan,then the kid just disappeared from view...at times since Roman has owned the club,some of the decisions have seemed like they have been made by a spoilt child..and i`ve often wondered if it was the kid telling his dad..buy me him daddy..etc..

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Wrong. supporting the club and players does not forbid raising concern about the club's flaws,

thanks ...I would chill out ,,if the people who are running the club would keep us better informed

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Wrong. supporting the club and players does not forbid raising concern about the club's flaws, it only shows you care enough and want the best for the club :whistling:

I understand and know that, but quite frankly there is nothing I nor we can do, and by worrying we won't solve anything.

I'm concerned too, and sometimes it seems to me that I'd do a better job alone then whole of our board...

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