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Essien Or Mikel?


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Nigeria and Ghana have to play Quarter Finals, who would you prefer to see come back first, Essien or Mikel?

I think Essien is a fantastic player but we have more cover for him in the middle. Mikel on the other hand is more defensive of the two, with Maka getting on he must be getting knackered and might need a rest soon.

I'll go with Ghana to go through and get Obi back. :smiliecap1:

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personally i would prefer essien back first he adds the extra bit of flair that not every player has.. but i also want ghana to win the competition so i guess mikel back first..

Flair?? Essien??? Surely not :) Essien is a fantastic powerful midfielder, but i wouldn't say flair is one of his qualities!!

The sooner they all come back the better. Ballack and Sheva are almost ready to come back, Lamps and JT not too far behind and then get the African boys back and we are up to full strength and then things get very interesting.

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I'm really confident that there is a fantastic team spirit at the moment. All players seem genuinely privileged to be playing for CFC. Either would be great to come back ASAP, but we can manage.

We have managed. Who would have thought at the start of the season we would have been able to cope playing without Essien, Mikel, Lampard and Ballack - most people though Maka and Sidwell wouldn't get a game because of those 4......

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Wow did any one see mikel's performance yesterday that pass for the second goal was quality.

Mikel is too inconsistent - quiet one game then electric the next. Essien always plays well, apart from when he gets sent off :lol: I would rather see Essien back, but Ghana will beat Nigeria I feel.

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