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Best Chelsea Players this Season


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i know that there probably have been other topics about player of the season, but i want to do the top three for defense, midfield, and forward in a format kind of like this...

Defense: 1) John Terry- played like a true chelsea captain should even through injury

2) Ivanovic- Solid no matter if he played center or right back

3) Ashley Cole- wasnt himself for some of the season, especially going forward but was always solid at the back.

thought for the most part we played pretty good defense, but cech saved us on alot of occasions.

Midfield: 1) Ramires- A lot of people didnt have faith in him at the beginning but in my opinion was our best midfielder this season.

2) Lampard- Wasnt the same lampard after his injury but still managed to score a good amount for the number of games he played

3) Essien- He was bad this season but i cant think of someone who did better...

our midfield was poor this season

Forward: 1) Kalou- this might raise some eyebrows, but i thought he was good this season. he did well when he came on as a sub and on a few occasions proved he could do well from the start. for me the most improved player from last season.

2) Drogba- it was between him and kalou for first, but i chose kalou. i know he had malaria, but he was poor for a large part of the season, he showed up too late and still was really inconsistent then.

3) Was anyone else any good at all??????????

forwards were also not good enough. the midfield didnt do well enough to get them the ball sometimes, but the forwards were also at fault.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Cech, Terry, Ivanovic and Ramires were the only players that stood out this season.

This ^^

I would add though that Drogba started to show some form late in the season, too late but had some sort of excuse being he had Malaria.

Stop this nonsense about Mikel & Ashley Cole or any other player apart from those mentioned above as they were for the large part very poor this season, fans are making Roman accountable but I havn't seen many posts giving the players some responsibility for it also. Sure Ancelotti didn't motivate them enough but in their position they don't need to be, they got comfortable because Ancelotti failed to drop them at various times during the season & that ultimately lead to players dropping their standards & contributed in Carlo getting the boot.

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Everyone had spells, Anelka in the UCL, Drogba for the last couple of months, Torres for 20 minutes against West Ham, Mikel started the season really well and even Kalou had his moments here n there but it was quite a disappointing season in which i'm still quite confused how we came 2nd. Nobody was good this season except Man Utd at home.

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