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League Cup Referee Announced

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The Football League has announced that our Carling Cup final date with Tottenham Hotspur on February 24 will be refereed by Mark Halsey.

Halsey, from Lancashire, refereed our Community Shield match with Manchester United back in August, as well as our trips to Middlesbrough and Fulham in this season's Premier League.

In 26 games this season, he has handed out 62 yellow cards and three red.

Halsey will be assisted by Andrew Garratt and Martin Yerby, while the fourth official will be Peter Walton of Northamptonshire.

Source: www.chelseafc.com

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He has made two classic errors involving Chelsea:

- Sending Hasselbaink off at White Hart Lane for something Melchiot did.

- Sending Carlo off for jumpig for the ball against Middlesbrough. (Tri-Blues picture)

fucking hell!!!!! and you remember this :D i'm definately getting old :D


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i remember both of them, the carlo one was for aiming a kick at dean windass or something after windass had practically smashed carlo into the back of the net. Some Boro player even followed in and smashed the ball in the net and had the audacity to celebrate a goal rofl. one of the worst decisions ever, that red card. He only moved his leg a tiny bit to stop windass getting to him. And yeah the yid one lol, mistaken identity, errr one had dreadlocks and the other ones fucking bald. maybe we are in trouble. Still, its not a particular disslike for Chelsea, its just that the guys a bit of an idiot. that was a while ago tho. I think he's alright at present. He lets the game flow and doesn't blow up for pety little FK's all the time (famous last words)

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