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The Day Of Reckoning For Lampsey?

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Alrite Fellas, this is it. The stage is set. England playing one of the most important games in their Footballing history against Croatia, the leaders of the group. England needs a point and all eyes would be on one man. yes..FRANK LAMPARD!!!!...Can he deliver the goods, can he shut the mouth of those Dick Headed Boo boys? only time will tell. But there could not have been a better stage for Lampsey to deliver than this. A Goal from Lampsey can raise his stature back to where it belonged amongst the English Fans. Beckham did it against Greece, and I soooo wish Lampsey could do it tomorrow for his sake and the team's sake. A late equalizer by Lampsey would be the Ultimate thing. :D

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All I know is if anyone near me starts slagging him off I'll probably deck the fucker.
Thats what I told my dad to do.I'd love Frank to score, not celebrate and give the fans the finger unsure.png Not all of you would like that, but i'm sure lots of Chelsea fans there tonight would understand!
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Well the supporters can fuck off now.Lampard won't take the blame this time.
They'll find a way,ooo he should've done this when this happened despite him being on the other side of the pitch etc.So bloody relieved he scored though unsure.png if he didnt gah!Good on him for being so lalala bam!
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Thats the man with some balls!!....Abused and boo'ed for missing the penalty against Portugal, this inspite of gerrad and Carragaher missing it. The maan needed some balls to step up and take the penalty. He knew that if he had missed it he would be crucified specially knowing that croatia were 2-0 ahead. Well done frankie. Rest all can fuck rite off.

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Didnt you know it was Lampards fault that Carson let the first one in?????He coughed as the ball went to Krancjar (sp) ? :rolleyes:
LMFAO...............................some'll believe it though mate.would you believe there's pricks out there already saying waht a poor game game lamps had......god give me strength censored.gif regards:JBD Edited by josesbluediamonds
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