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  1. So dissapointed in Cesar. Could find himself on the bench for the rest of the season in Luis makes an impact.
  2. Man Utd's defense would barely suffice in League One, let alone the Premiership.
  3. We will win this match. Its one of those games where an opponent like Leicester will have lots of good possesion in the final third but always waste it (like they did in the first half) and all it takes is one mistake from their defence and we score. Not the ideal situation gameplay wise but it sone of those things
  4. I'm actually much more interested on who will start RB. Considering that last season Jose always preferred Ivanovic at RB when he is much better at CB and now that Filipe Luis will be on the lift, will hestick with him or put Cesar in his natural position. Also will it be like last season where he always had one that stayed more deeper then the other?
  5. Surely United need to buy at least 3 more defenders (especially at CB), they look incredibly fragile in defense with the likes of Jones and Smalling, And now they have conceded at the run of play, will be a regular occurrence I think.
  6. This surely means we have to win the title next season?
  7. I just can't help but wonder, he has always been good for Brazil but never the same with us for the last year or so (even in the first few months of last season where everyone was applauding him I didn't think he was that spectacular). I'm starting to think that the reason he has been poor for us is the system that he has to play in. With Brazil he has a bit more freedom and he is allowed to do defensive duties in his natural way. Not link in Chelsea where (as with everyone) he has to always have one eye on tacking back and defensive duties rather then doing it from pure instinct, which means
  8. Well its been nice knowing you.
  9. Harrry Redknapp is Lampard's uncle, so I don't think its entirely out of the question for him to join QPR. Of course I do seem to remember Lampard pratically blackmailing the club to give him a large wage increase by almost joining Inter, buts thats modern day footballers for you.
  10. Even though most of us would have been supporting Athletico. You can not be anything but happy for Carlo winning his third Champions league title. Such a gentleman and the perfect nice guy.
  11. Any player who has played in the England international team in the past 10-15 years.
  12. So when do we still finish transition? If in another two years we still don't win the title are we still going to say that we are in transition becuase it tries to deflect the fact that we have spent this season over £60 million pounds on players (as well as the season before that where spent another £50 million pounds on Oscar and Hazard who have been used for the majority of this season ?and will probably be part of this spine) as well as the millions we will be spending this summer. But whatever, we now will be having a summer transfer which will probably be using another £50 million+ pound
  13. The expectation for next season is simple, we have to win the title. No excuses, no attempts of trying to blame it on everyone and everything if it were to be like this season and we hash it up against teams we should be beating or getting our tactics wrong. We have a full summer transfer to buy players to add to the expensive purches we made in the last two seasons. No more use of the whole "we are in transition" crap that people have been using as a get out clause when things go wrong. If we can't win the title next season then serious questions will have to be ask.
  14. And funnily enough when he was played at CB
  15. Hopefully today shows that Kalas is ready for top flight football. Such a shame he was not used more often earlie in the season.
  16. We know he can beat the big teams, its just so frustrating that he struggles to get the tactics right when it comes to the teams below us. Ever since since he was the Real Madrid manager its seems to be his one weakness that stops him winning titles.
  17. If we don't win the title at least we may have trolled Liverpool by handing it over to City.
  18. Could you let me borrow your crystal ball please?
  19. I'm wondering if its the coaching staff that is having an influence in his conduct on the pitch, I do remember in the summer members of the coaching staff saying how they saw Ramires as being some type of enforcer on the pitch. I mean the 3 seasons before that under three different sets of coaching staff, he may have made the occasional clumsy challenge but he has never been that aggressive and spiteful..
  20. 1-0 game over already for Sunderland surely?
  21. To be honest if we don't win it becuase of goal difference, I will be incredibly pissed off. Much more so than if it were becuase Liverpool beat us at Anfield.
  22. Any watch the BBC live commentary when Wickham got his second? Hilariously they were talking about how Liverpool fans would be celebrating it, even though it also means that the title is in Chelsea's hand aswell.
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