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  1. Youre wrong bin laden, certain clubs have shown interest in him, even those emirate's cuntz were looking 2 sign him #brbbombingsomecitiezzz #yolo
  2. @clevemayer When was the last time mikel provided cover for any of them? Standing behind the halfway line doesnt mean youre providing cover, infact it shows youure a fucking pussayy and 2 fucking lazy 2 provide any support. Hes fucking shit, rafa fucking benched him. Are u all waiting for a zombie apocalypse 2 believe it ? If hez any good why doesnt any club try 2 buy him? Or hez 2 expensive
  3. Yall call us fan boyz yet you people cry like lil bitchez
  4. Id drag my dick a mile over a broken glass just 2 wank in her shadow
  5. Ice it bby c; Oh and that ping pong balls gif is like some 2hundred pages back or even more #googleitagain
  6. If you could go 5hundred pages back, youd realise this place really used 2 kickass with that cap dude, Spike and other lads. It used 2 be 2ruthless and 10hardcore. It has become irritatingly soft now #srrynotsrry
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