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  1. No thats Kylian. Ethan is the youngest, he's wearing the Chelsea shirt, I think he's around 12-14. EDIT: Nevermind, I was talking about the link.
  2. Ramires and Mikel midfield, placed 100€ Unibet, bet City WIN... I win.. yey
  3. He's not realy explaining it. He is just saying, what if the leftback has the ball and the 10 decide to pressure, how are the others going to react.. etc.
  4. He's talking about some training exercises he organised at the start of the season on how to pressure the opponent.
  5. isn't he just trolling a bit? (Morgan)
  6. Not 5 minutes, rather 1h ,but you can say that to everyone living in the south of Belgium.
  7. Ok, but it's time to let it go
  8. I disagree, apart from Eto'o header, a cross behind the defence, we didn't create any chances. Howard tried to help us a bit too.
  9. I can't see a team yet tbh. And what exactly did you see that was better than last year? All I see is the same slow buildup and sloppy passing.
  10. Do you? Naysmith scored against us btw, a free transfer!
  11. The buildup was way to slow. I don't understand why Mikel was on the pitch all of a sudden. He doesn't add anything if you want to play fast and dominant. Ramires is imo not able to play the role he's given. Way too sloppy in his passing and too panicking when in possession. Luiz's poor passing, using the long ball or just shooting it away like a headless chicken more than once is something I can't comprehend. You can't EVER play a long ball when playing how Chelsea plays and with the players who are on the pitch. The game left me frustrated and I didn't feel any improvements over last year wh
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