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  1. Beating ze Germans on pens is even more impressive than beating them in 90 minutes or in extra time.
  3. They did beat Madrid on Pens... BUT WE GOT THIS! DESTINY IS ON OUR SID ELADS, BELIEVE!!!
  4. Need to hold the fort here...Destiny lads! Mark that fvcker Gomez!!
  5. Gomez has started to choke. Hopefully he keeps this up, but we need to help him all we can! And watch Ribery!
  6. We need to watch for Gomez, he has been VERY dangerous so far, just lacked that final finish.
  7. Great to see Cahill and Luiz made it! Our D is solid. Hopefully these 2 are in form and can stop Mario Gomez and his 12 CL goals this season. On the other hand, Bayern's left side is very weak defensively. Tymo is a midfielder and he is at (left) CB, and Contento their LB in this match is not good enough for our bench. The suspensions have really hurt their defence. Hopefully we can use this to our advantage! KBTFFH!!!
  8. Cahill and Luiz fit to play, these are the men upon which the job hinges. UTC!
  9. Ribery is head and shoulders above Sturridge. He has world class link-up play, whereas Sturridge...well, it's not quite that good.
  10. 12 hours to go! I predict that if Gomez scores, we lose, but if we contain him (keep him to 0 goals) we will be champions!
  11. Discussion on how best to stop Bayern Munich's potent offense: http://forum.talkchelsea.net/topic/13406-marking-mario-gomez-is-the-key-in-munich/page__st__24 KTBFFH!
  12. Taking away the Ribery-Gomez connection is key, and I mentioned this in the opening post. But you would rather mark Robben, then Gomez? That would be a big mistake. Or perhaps not a mistake, as you are actually a Munich fan.
  13. From the other thread: Scary statistic! All the more reason to mark Mario Gomez.
  14. Good points and if you take away the pass to Gomez you take so much away from Bayer's wingers. Robben will (unsuccessfully) try to go it alone, and Ribery will no longer have his favourite target available.
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