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  1. I started liking twitter now. Give me a follow, and i will follow you back. www.twitter.com/mightyzola
  2. It's not that expensive though... I have spotify Premium, and it's worth it.. Then you don't have to listen to all the annoying comercials. Was hoping someone had a tread made for sharing your Spotify playlists.. Not sure how to do that..
  3. I am looking forward to seeing what the Norwegian ladies can do in handball.. Not going so well at the moment against France. Have to say i REALLY liked the opening ceremony, Arctic Monkeys and the torch was awesome!!
  4. Damn this time difference..3hours sleep before work. still excited to see both Chelsea and Psg.
  5. I want Robbie and Eddie to stay. They deserve it.
  6. I never understood that, why is not Richards in the England squad?
  7. I think the Liverpool kit looks pretty good tbh. Manu's kit look shit though.
  8. Just bought my ticket for their show here in Norway
  9. Looking forward to this one.. A little bit nervous too. Drogba starts surely. Let's make Barca lose three in a row! COME ON CHELSEA
  10. Not to "Bump" this thread.. But they stayed up. Tore Andrè Flo is still there. Met him at the store one day:) Now im going to my grandparents house to watch Sogndal beat Oslo "giants" Vålerenga. (not likely) Have a nice weekend everyone!
  11. Am watching the game with my cousin who happen to be an L'Arse fan.. First 8mins was hilarious
  12. My addiction: General Snus. Nicotine product from Sweden.
  13. Yes, and that is nice. Was just my personal oppinion on the look of it.
  14. I like the clean look.. however, i don't like the gold. Should have been white. That being said, it's better than this seasons kit.
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