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  1. Easier said than done at villa do u think they will be his goals and assists at man City because I sure don't.
  2. Am I missing something here? What actually makes u guys think we are getting lukaku he doesn't even want to come here...
  3. 100m For grealish imo is a good buy hes a brilliant player take him here in a heart beat.
  4. Simple answer... probably because he's English and not a big foreign player
  5. He doesn't just win fouls he creates so much space for other players because he gets surrounded, and if u don't surround him he will plough through teams, he's a win win player
  6. You watch drinkpiss will turn out to be fuking awesome now lmao
  7. I think u would have a shock if am honest
  8. I think your mistaking weight with strength. Just because your 20kg more than another person 14 cm bigger doesn't mean your stronger in any way shape or form.
  9. Yorkshire accent mate I type like I speak lmao
  10. The problem with this window i find personally is... most of the transfers we actually get are in the news for weeks.. its a constant barrage of stories of players we do end up actually signing. Now this window is basically just one player we are hearing reports on. But none of these reports haven't once said we are close like we get normally, so I do genuinely believe there isn't much going on at all??? What do u all think?
  11. I disagree with most of what u said, but on the other hand you may also be right, I like your posts and respect your opinion on here, so I won't waste either of our time arguing about it haha
  12. Very very close could mean 100s of things, sounds like a cheap cop out to me
  13. Silly stigma here that lukaku is bad. He bangs u goals for fun, with ppl like kia Pulisic mount werner running of lukaku it will improve us massively. Lukaku = 20s goals a season, wheres the problem?
  14. Think his brain is scrambled from watching all the tumble weed go by........
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