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  1. Anyone got a spare ticket...... Message me cheers
  2. Tried to get a ticket couldn't get in the ticket page it was so busy... when i did after 50 minutes they were sold out... if anyone has a spare ticket let me know Thanks
  3. sapper245


    Was at the game and thought Kennedy held his own against a good england under 21 winger Redmond, it was nice to see someone bombing on past on the over lap and gave Hazard and willian extra options. Even put a great ball into the box which Costa stood and watched while standing on the penalty spot.
  4. thought he he had a pretty good game, nervous start which is natural but i thought he grew more confident as the game went on. on the plus side did you notice how well Azi did bombing down the right with pace and not putting aimless crosses into the box.
  5. Our style of play is so much like it was in his 3rd year of his first time here, play got very stale and predictable. Also some of the players played every match last year. Even after a summer break the might still be mentally tired, after the season finished we flow off to Sidney ffs.
  6. Our midfield is crying out for Ramires, some with pace who can track runners from midfield. Ok he is not very creative but he will get into the box and can run all day in midfield. I know everyone is criticasing our defence but look at our lack of pace once we are caught up field.
  7. Pepe would spend more time banned than playing ... the guy is an animal
  8. It will like going back to the 1970's lol the toilet will pissing against an old corrugated fence lol.
  9. Liverpool probably most of all for there banging on about there History and i hate that scouse accent with a passion. Followed by Spurs, Aresnal, West ham, QPR
  10. sapper245


    Bit like most wingers these days.
  11. No way will Ivanovic play in CM. Zouma along side Cahill bit more pace between them.
  12. Like others have said us golden oldies miss Osgood and Hudson who never really played to his potential after he left. Robben was disappointing to see leave but he was injury prone and a cry baby when tackled hard. In this era i have to say Mata could still do a job for us and also Bertrand oh for a Left back in the currant squad so Dave could play in his preferred position.
  13. sapper245


    I'm a big Willian fan.... his play in central midfield yesterday was excellent, ok he missed a sitter but so did Costa. he missed 2 chances right opposite where i was sitting in the second half. He was lively and link up play and distribution was good as was his tracking back. I think Oscar will struggle to get his spot back.
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