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  1. already in biggest dutch newspaper Hiddink to Chelsea
  2. well done Roman! when you are investing so much money into football you should at least get a manager that thinks offensive to entertain the world. Mourinho has always played anti football
  3. Should be sacked. When a person puts so much money into a football club he should aim for an attacking style of football. To entertain the world and for the love for the game. So Roman...you know what to do !!!
  4. He kept Bremen in de BL for sure. Players of Bremen said he had incredible qualities. I know at least Elia did. He also covered most distance of the whole BL that year. At 21 in his first year at high level in a league full of beasts. scoring left and right, his passing game, his view, his defensive skills...it was all there to be seen in his Bremen year. That season was also his best year in the NT so far. For the rest completely living for his sport...no nightclubs, tattoos and so more. It stunned belgian football fans that Mourinho saw this otherwise while his qualities were so obvious. Th
  5. i read her a lot stuff like : Chelsea and KDB were just no match...no problem. that is wrong. KDB can play in every team in the world off course. The only thing that went wrong is that Mourinho did not analyse KDB before they met on first training. It is just a few hours work and he would have seen that he is a special player and give him the trust that Hazard got for example. Hazard NEVER had to fight for his spot while KDB is better! He did not devellop at Wolfsburg he was already the same player 2 years ago that he is now. Played with the same dominance at the NT and Bremen Mou and only
  6. Kdb was the best player pre season until he got injured scoring a fantastic goal at the US tour. After being two weeks out first match against Hull MOTM with a delicate assist on Oscar. I admid he was poor against Man United and then willian came. Mou never talked to him and never got a fair change again
  7. Every player needs trust from his manager but if you perform that well at Bremen and the NT in 2012-2013 and your manager is saying all summer long he wants to change his coaching philosofy by working with and develloping young talents but buying Willian at the final day of the window you know you have to look elsewhere. V Gaal would never do that dor example
  8. I am kevvyhaz. ... and you ? Mou has been a very bad boy not listening to me in the summer of 2013 yet buying Willian on the final night of the transfer window. This action killed the thrust from kdb in Mou
  9. So. Remember me ? I said it al along. Mou made a huge mistake. Mou is now talking shit to save his ass but you could see in his Bremen period he was a very special player. Mou just never checker youtube in the summer of 2013. At bremen he coverted the most distance in the whole bundesliga giving many assists and scoring easy with his right and left foot. All this in his first season at high level coming from the pour belgian league. No tattoos. No nightclubs just wearing a jeans and t shirt and only thinking and breeding football. Mou is one of the best coaches in the world (defensive style
  10. NO haha it was on another chelsea forum. Cant find it anymore on google. think they stopped it because everybody was arguing
  11. not to mention he scores as easy with his left as with his right. I said it from july 2013 all along on this forum and i was haunted away....
  12. Mourinho made a big error. He not only misjudged KDB completely as a player but also as a person. An incledible efficient, natural and intelligent player that also runs like a horse for 90 minutes. No tatoo's peircings, nightclubs. Only playing and resting. Mourinho knew obviously nothing about him in the summer of 2013. If he only would have watched the video's on youtube of his stay at Bremen and would have read that in his first year coming from the belgium league he already covered most distance of the whole bundesliga it would maybe all be different. Though he played extremely good in pre
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