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The English Football Thread

Started by Steve,

1 hour ago, NikkiCFC said:

Unpopular opinion. We are better team then Liverpool. Last season win and draw and this season win and draw for us so far. They didn't beat us since Conte early days.


they are fucked with Gomez and TAA

but still, overall, they have a better squad than we do

FAR better back 4 (when healthy)

FAR better front 3

and MF is a push (as we waste Kante)

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3 minutes ago, NikkiCFC said:

Wooow Klopp actually complained about refs again after this... Unbelievable...

he is a pure cunt

the chatroom of the stream I was using was so so full of victimpool scum

was so so toxic

I kept closing it out and it kept re-opening

really got me in a bad bad mood

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4 minutes ago, LAM09 said:

After almost being given two goals that were clearly offside?!



He's losing his creditability by the day


He lost all credibility when he put those fake teeth!

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just saw the highlights and West Ham should have won this, so many wasted chances to kill the Victims off, the scouse cunts are so lucky it sickens me, two off sides not called, 1 was for their goal and the other one at the end that Origi missed (for a moment there it looked like the scouse cunts were going to nick it at the end again), you can clearly see the ref and linesman were on Pool's side, disgusting refering once again, just utter shit. Well done West Ham, fuck Pool and the FA :middlefinger:

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31 minutes ago, Unionjack said:

Now I'm not an Uglyist but some of the fugly gits need a mask!












old school ugly

Jan Van Der Veen


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