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The Pub - Discuss Anything

Started by Manuf,

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Bookmarks are related to browsers, not really computers. So your bookmarks will be in the last browser you were using(chrome?). Here's the link which can import your Chrome bookmarks to Firefox. I hope this helps.


I've figured it out. Got the new computer all ready and running... still I prefer to use the old one, hahahaha

Thanks sweetie


Vacation is such a happy time. My brother is the most amazing guy in the world. Spending time with him is like the best thing ever. We get out and when we come back we continue to talk until 5-6 in the morning!

And he has hot friends and his girlfriend loves football even more than I do. So yeah, he's the definition of perfection (while I ignore he supports ManUre)

I'm exhausted though... too little sleep time and too much party. But I'm not complaining at all.

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Batman will protect me because he is a beast. Tempted to say arnie, but he might not be back. :D

He is back, but his gym went bankrupt a while ago


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I just try to remain unbiased and honest when talking about football.

And, if you're buying. ;p

Mmmm ... If you go with me, we would end up in a titty bar having lapdances, mate!

also @alex would be there as well!

Is Alex the one giving the lapdances?

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Is Alex the one giving the lapdances?

I hope not mate. He doesnt have the tits nor the ass for that....

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