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Started by Manuf,




Just a dash of red is all it takes to revive our classic white sneaker. We’ve given the tongue and interior of these sneakers a vibrant shade of red, setting them apart from the norm. Made in England by hand, this Drake sneaker gives all day comfort with plenty of internal padding, as well as a durable rubber sole that’s perfect for the year-round wear. The pebble grain leather we’ve used for this white trainer is a great choice no matter what the weather, and the branded D+D webbing makes sure that these sneakers are always unmistakable.

Handmade in England

Waterproof Italian leather 

D+D webbing



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Octopus Brand

Octopus More Fire Hoodie


A new octopus sweatshirt by Iuter, the famous graphic design by Giorgio di Salvo is accompanied by a flaming motif. Adjustable hood and rubberized patch on the bottom of the left sleeve. Made in Italy, like all Iuter garments.

Materials: 100% Cotton
Colour: Yellow/Black
SKU: 20wosh05-ylwblk


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Daily Paper

Куртка x Van Gogh Museum Juff Jacket Floral


Daily Paper is a Dutch brand founded by three Amsterdam-based pals in 2010. Not only is Daily Paper about a success story come true: an established company boasting its own brand and stores today, it was started as an Internet blog. Daily Paper is a symbol of modern fashion. Over the years the brand has walked its own path to work out its unique DNA in the world of fashion.

Daily Paper is about contemporary culture reflected in the brand's clothes, which combine modern design, feisty character and expressive workmanship. A distinctive choice of high-quality fabrics adds to the brand's eclecticism. The very esthetics of the brand's clothes enables people wearing them to express their individuality and stand out.

Read ITK's exclusive interview with Daily Paper.






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This AW Pretty Green has come togehter with the British brand Millerain to bring us the perfect Mod waxed parkas. Perfect for the colder seasons, the waxed cotton is bound to keep you both warm and dry! 

Making fabric for over 130 years British Millerain has been the original manufacturer of waxed cotton for outerwear and the world’s leading specialist in waxed cotton fabrics. Based in Lancashire, the heart of the UK textile industry, Millerain's range of textiles has been developed through more than a century of innovation, using skills handed down through six generations. Their commitment to quality has allowed them to develop trusting and lasting partnerships with many of the industry’s leading brands, and driven their growth as a globally respected manufacturer of fabrics for outerwear.

Whilst the technology has changed over the years, the brand remains faithful to their roots. Towards the end of the 1880's, British Millerain began to develop fabrics which would suit a wide variety of clothing requirements, from the rigours of life in the armed forces to the demands of country pursuits. Since the advent of the first patented Millerain® rainproof finish in 1894, they have expanded their waterproof offerings into apparel and commercial markets.

Through more than a century of refinement, development and testing, Millerain have earned a reputation as the leading manufacturer of Waxed Cottons and practical, aesthetic fabrics for outdoor applications.

The brand's family principles have never changed; striving to bring new products to the market based on both their old and new technologies.

This season Pretty Green have used Millerain's Waxed cotton to construct a few winter coats that are now stocked at Xile Clothing now

xile_prettygreen_prettygreenbritishmillePretty Green British Millerain Waxed Overhead Khaki Green £275

This fully lined, relaxed fit smock has a needlecord lined hood and two large chest pockets with side entry.

xile_prettygreen_prettygreenbritishmillePretty Green British Millerain Waxed Parka Khaki Green £295

This fully lined, relaxed fit parka has a needlecord lined hood, zip front fastening and two angled waist pockets.

You can now find a range of Pretty Green x Millerain apparel in store and online at Xile now.

Free next working day UK mainland delivery on all orders over £75.

Click & collect is available from Edinburgh, Livingston and Glasgow

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This classic Diadora model was developed ad-hoc in 1984 for the Milan Basketball team and quickly grew into a favorite! It now has a new life as a highly fashionable high top sneaker, made from a very fine full-grain leather combined in a spectacular metallic silver, stonewashed for a skilfully aged look. 

Diadora's history is a rich and inspiring one, with the band starting out as a one man operation in 1948 and growing into one of Europe's biggest and most respected sneaker brands, always going for premium quality with heritage appeal.

Diadora Heritage Mi Basket High sneakers

Full grain leather upper with stone-wash treatment

Removable insole

Rubber outsole


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ONLINE RELEASE Oct 24, 2020, 9:00:00 AM (CEST)

Get ready for this fancy new execution of the Nike Air Force 1. The combination of clean white and cream leather is completed by the lime colored Nike Air logo on the heel. However, the absolute highlights are the furry tongue and the double lacing!



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Who's ready for the craziest Vespa they ever have seen!?






Sean Wotherspoon is a rising star on the US fashion scene, an unstoppable experimenter and vintage fanatic, with an extraordinary approach to melding fashion and colours. His calling card? Playing with colours, mixing them together with innovative materials and assorted fabrics, as he did with the Nike Air Max 97 which made him famous.



These are the words Sean used to announce the partnership on his Instagram page and the mix of disparate materials such as metal, plastic, velvet and rubber together with the colour explosion redolent of the 80s do nothing to contradict his description, yet the vintage flavour synonymous with Vespa remains intact.


Striking colour combinations such as yellow with red or dark green and aquamarine, the seat in light brown ribbed velvet, the red plastic footrest all come together in a glorious celebration of colour and style. There’s no lacking refinement, however, with elegant finishing on details such as the white front “tie” and unmistakable steel body. And no work by a true street artist would be complete without his tag, here on the seat and front where it sits happily beside the classic Vespa logo in white.




The collaboration between Sean and Vespa has also seen the creation of a capsule streetwear collection of t-shirts in classic vintage style, designed with fashion lovers in mind. The designer’s aim was to bring colour to the roads and he achieves this with his version of the Vespa Primavera by teaming bold colour contrasts with the distinctive style synonymous with the Vespa name. The prints interpret technical designs in a hip, contemporary key, with the Vespa logo sitting alongside the designer’s signature.




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So Melania calls Biden a communist....ok lets look at this....

Joe Biden is virtually a moderate republican. He has lifelong friends in the GOP. He is also half the team that handed her orange husband a healthy economy. Melania, on the other hand, was raised communist. And yet she was welcomed into the US. Allowed to work there. Permitted her parents (her father a former high ranking official in the communist party) to become U.S. citizens via chain migration. And there she is, the first lady.

The irony of her comment on Biden is priceless.

Vesper likes this

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17 minutes ago, Fulham Broadway said:

So Melania calls Biden a communist....ok lets look at this....

Joe Biden is virtually a moderate republican. He has lifelong friends in the GOP. He is also half the team that handed her orange husband a healthy economy. Melania, on the other hand, was raised communist. And yet she was welcomed into the US. Allowed to work there. Permitted her parents (her father a former high ranking official in the communist party) to become U.S. citizens via chain migration. And there she is, the first lady.

The irony of her comment on Biden is priceless.

welcome to my battles for ages (I frequent US political boards)

it is mind blowing (and not just the insane MAGAt crowd, the centre right Democrats are fucking POISON too, they litteral want to ram an already crazy skewed to the right American centre axis even further to the right, and basically exterminate (electorally) anyone to the left of a Klobuchar/Biden/Manchin/Henry Cuellar (most conservative Dem in the House, a real POC, anti LGBTQ bigot, pro forced birther, rabid fundie, etc) type, ie Blairites on steroids


a US where the only choices are neoliberal 3rd way war mongering Dems combined with vaguely RW ex Republicans (all about the money types, but can deal with the gays and the blacks, etc having rights, lolol)


insanely batshit cray Rethug fascists/white nationalists


and above it all, the billionaires and banksters sit back and laugh and watch their already INSANE share of wealth increase to levels that make a Dickensian novel look like peak Sweden in terms of wealth equality

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Reebok teams up with ‘Ghostbusters’ to deliver a capsule collection inspired by the legendary series of movies. The collaboration features both apparel and sneakers, introducing the models Ghost Smashers and Classic Leather, available in all sizes.


The Reebok x Ghostbusters collection is a gem for all the nostalgic fanatics of the good old Ghostbusters. Certainly, this capsule’s pieces (clothing and sneakers) will immediately transform you into one of the humorous paranormal investigators from the movie. The designs are full of details from the ‘80s films, with plenty of references and inspirations even in the subtlest and most hidden places.

Ghost Smasher

Firstly, the Ghost Smasher take Reebok’s Alien Stomper silhouette, originally made for the ‘Alien’ films. The model lifts up its structure, turning it into a mid-top with multiple motifs and nods to the Ghostbusters’ most distinctive elements. The design boasts a leather upper with a worn-out finish on a durable rubber sole. The most sophisticated and striking wiring and tube system is featured on the heel, evoking the four Ghostbusters’ backpacks and P.K.E Meters.

CL Leather

Meanwhile, the Classic Leather take a bet on a subtler look. The film’s logo leads their design in a large size on the tongue. This model reinterprets other details like the sole’s hazardous print, the tongue with the motto “Who you gonna call?” or Reebok’s tag.

Classic Leather

Lastly, among the apparel, a full-body leather Boiler suit rounds off the collection. A limited edition piece that simulates the iconic Ghostbusters’ jumpsuits, with several graphics, long sleeve and a comfortable zip closure.


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Our exclusive New Balance 827 ‘Aster Florists’ pack


Continuing the Boston-based narrative that started off at the beginning of the year with our Comp 100 collaboration – we’ve turned our attention to the Massachusettsan city once more and joined forces with New Balance for a fantastic 827 ‘Aster Florists’ collection.

Shop Now

Shop NowShop Now

New Balance 827 'Aster Florists' - size? Exclusive

When we paid a visit to the brand’s Boston HQ, one thing that stood out to us on our trip was the cities florists and in particular the abundance of aster flowers within them. Coincidentally, asters are traditionally given to celebrate 20th anniversaries – very fitting of our own significant celebration this year.

The vibrant-yet-classic feel of the florists is something that has stayed with us since our trip and is something we wanted to replicate throughout the silhouettes. For our duo, we’ve headed away from the traditional sporting materials you’d usually find on the 827; this time, we’ve travelled down the premium route. Each colourway in the ‘Aster Florists’ pack comes wrapped in a combination of suede and heavy mesh across the top and complementary gum outsoles below.

New Balance 827 'Aster Florists' - size? Exclusive2736x1544_Alternative_827_ASTER_.jpg

There are touches of 3M throughout for a reflective finish, and on the underside, the models boast New Balance’s revered ABZORB cushioning for high-quality support wherever you step out. That’s not all though; sitting alongside the silhouettes and painted in an array of muted and vibrant tones, we’ve put together an accompanying t-shirt capsule that coincides with the release of 827 ‘Aster Florists’ collaboration.

Shop Now

Our exclusive New Balance 827 ‘Aster Florists’ pack will be available via the size? launches app soon. They will also be available in size? stores from Friday 30th October. The trainer is available in both men’s and women’s sizes and priced at £100. Good Luck!

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