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The Pub - Discuss Anything

Started by Manuf,

50 minutes ago, Vesper said:


I am SO in!!!!

Eastern Europe deserves a WC


best jam on there:



Cyclades are my favourite place to go in the summer. Last time I was on Ios :wub:

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for you lads, for the holidays

HAVEN Hand Knit Pacific Parka


Our HAVEN hand-knit pieces use a virgin wool yarn, distinguishable in its chunky appearance and unique craftsmanship. The wool fibres are painstakingly hand-spun, working the robust wool into a bulky yarn. Thanks to this process, the wool yarn contains a considerable number of air pockets, enhancing its heat retention and lightweight feel. We work with our Canadian knitter to create a custom waffle knit with influences from Canada’s Indigenous people’s traditions, especially those of the Pacific Northwest. This centuries-old technique lends to an unmistakable knit that drapes comfortably throughout. Structural deerskin leather panelling is tanned, dyed, punched and stitched, all by hand. These supple panels are stitched at the elbows with deerskin leather lace, creating a truly one-of-a-kind piece in the Pacific Parka.


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Prince Andrew


The photograph, published for the first time in its entirety, shows the interior of Ghislaine Maxwell's Belgravia home. The prince has his arm around 17-year-old Virginia Roberts and Miss Maxwell smiles from the background


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Strong Earthquake hit Albania this morning :( we felt it here too. I was awake, watching NBA, it was terrifying. 

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Prada x adidas Originals Superstar :wub:



The Prada edition adidas Originals Superstar is ultra limited with just 700 pairs created. Made in Italy at the Prada production facilities, the kicks will launch on the 4th of December at select Prada locations and on adidas.com and prada.com.

The collaboration also includes a bowling bag that will also release on the same date with the same distribution as the sneakers.

A partnership to begin a partnership. The first release – Prada for adidas Limited Edition  – is an homage to adidas, championing an emblematic adidas Originals shoe – the Superstar sneaker , originally launched in 1969 and still a lynchpin of adidas Originals style. It also introduces a new bag silhouette, the Prada Bowling bag  for adidas, which echoes the Prada Bowling bag  as well as the adidas gym bag, in and of itself referencing the world of sports, a style that serves to illustrate the shared narratives and intersecting heritages of Prada and adidas. 

The Prada Superstar  and the Prada Bowling bag  for adidas are proposed together; every piece is Made in Italy by Prada, indicating the superlative quality synonymous with the brand and its inimitable expertise in accessories and 106-year history as a luxury leather goods house. A partnership about manufacturing, a salute to the 50 years of the Superstar, an impeccable style icon – which does not require being re-designed – having crossed boundaries and challenged definitions through five decades. 

This pair of styles – each with a fundamental duality at their core  – has been evolved from their sports and subcultural roots into modern luxury. Clean simplicity and timeless lines are constants: the Superstar sneakers are translated using Prada’s full-grain leather for the upper with the signature adidas Originals rubber shell toe, finished with a herringbone-pattern rubber cupsole , serrated triple-stripe and a Trefoil logo-pint on the heel, alongside the Prada logotype. The Prada Bowling bag  for adidas is executed in superior calf leather with a sports nylon strap, the chassis of the bag bearing the twinned logos of Prada and adidas Originals. Both products are offered in optic white with black detailing: sharp, simple, immediately recognisable, outlining the genesis of Prada for adidas . 

Prada for adidas Limited Edition  – an homage to timeless classics  that transcend generations – is offered in exclusive limited editions of 700 pieces, both footwear and accessories numbered with a unique serial.

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Strong Earthquake hit Albania this morning  we felt it here too. I was awake, watching NBA, it was terrifying. 
Horrible. I wish all the people well that went through such an horrible Experience

Gesendet von meinem SM-G920F mit Tapatalk

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8 minutes ago, killer1257 said:

Horrible. I wish all the people well that went through such an horrible Experience

Gesendet von meinem SM-G920F mit Tapatalk

yes! hope most are ok :(

At least 18 killed, 325 injured, as 6.4-magnitude earthquake strikes Albania


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The Chelsea FC Christmas store is now open! Find the perfect gifts for your loved ones this Christmas and shop our Christmas range today.

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Snowracer Light Camel


Snowracer from STIGA in a design collaboration with Danish NN07. An exclusive special edition of STIGAS winter classics that makes the skier slide down the hill with style and finesse.

A snowracer developed in an exclusive partnership between NN07 and rise with a hand-stitched seat leather from Tärnsjö Tannery. 1 of 7 copies available at our fr.om 1/12.

product Description

Launch 2/12 at 10am.

• Exclusive special edition - sold only in a few copies.
• King Size, a size suitable for both adults and children.
• Elegant leather seat from Tärnsjö tannery.
• Robust steel frame.
• Steering wheel with leather details and grip zones.
• Curve ski system.
• Drawstring cartridge.
• Front shock absorber.
• Extra stability.
• Max weight: 100kg.

Swedish sporting goods specialist STIGA Sports has teamed up with NN07 to create a special edition snowracer, made with premium hand crafted leather detailing. The base is a STIGA Snowracer King Size GT, made in a robust metal frame with shock absorber, Curve Ski System and automatic winder for the pulling line. The bigger size allows all generations to use it, and with the special twin tip and carver shaped skis, handling is easy and precise. The snowracer has been customised with hand sewn leather saddle and steering wheel, from Swedish leather tannery Tärnsjö, who among others deliver leather to brands like Louis Vuitton and Hermès.

Limited to only 7 pieces, it’s a part of NN07’s Christmas Capsule collection and will be available in December.

— We love to do projects like this one. Basically, what matters the most to us, is when our coworkers in the office says ’This is really cool’ — then we know we have something. This collaboration is a culmination of unexpected encounters executed with a dedicated eye on detail and craftsmanship, says Victor Lindh, Brand Director at NN07.

Stiga and NN07's super luxury Snowracer.STIGA_x_NN07_3.jpgSTIGA_x_NN07_5.jpgSTIGA_x_NN07_8.jpg

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Lawn Tennis Association forced to pay out over ‘Moroccan porn star’ slur


The Lawn Tennis Association has paid compensation to a post-room worker who was made redundant and then described as a “Moroccan porn star” in a leaving speech given by his manager at the National Tennis Centre in Roehampton.

The speech was given by Charles Jude – the recently appointed general manager of the NTC – in August at a leaving drinks held for the post-room worker and three other LTA employees, all of whom had been made redundant at the same time.

The man, who is in his late 40s, is in fact from Algeria and is a practising Muslim. He was not present at the event, but was subsequently told about it. When he complained to the human resources department about the demeaning comment – which he felt to be a poor reward for 12 years of service – he was initially told that it was a joke, and was then offered a verbal apology. Only after his departure, when he contacted the LTA via a solicitor, did the organisation offer financial compensation.


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PUMA x RUBIK'S RS-X³ Trainers




The RS franchise, and the RS-X in particular, is a reinvention of a classic silhouette, the same way that Rubik's Cube takes the world of toys to the third power. First prototyped in 1974 and later commercialised in 1977, Rubik's Cube has entertained young and adults for over 40 years.

X marks extreme. Exaggerated. X³ takes it to a new level: cubed, enhanced, extra. In 2020, we reboot our RS design and take it to an extra, thrice-exaggerated form by stripping the silhouette down to the basics, then building it up with stronger material mixes and colours inspired by the games we play in our extra time. The vibrant colours associated with Rubik's meet the sporty aesthetic of PUMA in this spectacular RS-X³.


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Devambez Is the Goyard of Rolling Paper



For the longest time weed heads have been on the quest for the best possible flower only so they can smoke it in $2 rolling papers or cheap cigars. That’s like putting a michelin star meal on a paper plate. but as the world of cannabis continues to elevate itself, It is inevitable that a group of enthusiasts would start wanting the best possible products and experiences. Finally companies are opening up their eyes and targeting this consumer. Brands like Palace and Vetements have made items like grinders and rolling papers, but never has a true heritage luxury brand taken a jab at it until now.

When word got around that there was a company called Devambez making $88 rolling paper, the immediate reaction was what is the gimmick? But there is no need for a gimmick. Much like Louis Vuitton and Burberry, their heritage and artisanal practices dictate the price of their rolling paper.


Devambez was founded in 1826 in France working with royal families making their dinner menus, invitations, and name cards for all occasions. Once royal families in France started to lose power and respect, the business shifted into producing high-quality stationery for some of the most famous artists of the 20th century, including Picasso, Rodin, and De Chirico. In short, Devambez know a thing or two about what makes good paper.

Their creative direction was key to their rise making sure everything they did was done with the highest level of quality, precision, and taste. For a while they became an advertising agency until taking a bit of a hiatus until recent years when they were commissioned by Goyard to produce a book filled with masterful prints showcasing how extreme and opulent traveling used to be back when ships were the prominent way to travel, and your staff was handling all your custom made trunks carrying your newly purchased items from other lands. There are only 233 made of what is considered to be the “the bible of luxury” according to the NY Times.

After completing that project which took years, back to the drawing board Devambez went as they tried to figure out how paper is used the most in today’s world. High quality stationary is more novelty now and with money and important documents all becoming electronic, where does paper fit in? Finally they landed on rolling paper, one of the few ways paper is actually thriving and growing in this digital age.

The idea was to create something very elevated and elegant, while staying true to french luxury. It was a process to start developing this. They worked with JOB de Jean Bardou, which is also a very influential and important player in the luxury rolling paper world to help flush out their idea. They took their time to find the perfect organic hemp paper, which they have found in  in the Champagne region right next to Moet Chandon’s fields.

Devambez did not cut any corners when they were working with royal families, or when working top artists, and are not cutting any corners now that they have moved into the world of smoking accessories. No machines are involved at all. Everything is done by hand and no pieces are identical. Their boxes are made by the same company that makes Chanel and Hermes’, the gold leaf logo is done by a marquage artisan who was named a national living treasure in France. It is about the sensory experience. All of the products are about how it feels and looks. So many are always on the quest for the best flower, but never the best paper, and there is no way to truly taste the best flower when it’s wrapped in inferior paper. Devambez is just acting as the crystal wine glass you drink your beautifully aged vino in.


Their first delivery was to colette right before they closed back in 2017 as a personal ask from Sarah Andelman, which was a pivotal moment for them in terms of launching it to the world. They teamed up with Barney’s to be apart of their “High End” section focusing on quality smoking products in their LA location, and later curated a permanent standing section in the Flagship Madison Avenue location o the ground floor before the legendary stores closed.

Today there is a responsibility that comes with making things, and with new brands popping up everyday, there are elements from the old world that have been lost. Devambez is celebrating and showing respect to the brand’s legacy and other companies legacies that believed in these artisanal practices.

The masterminds behind the brand would like to remain anonymous. They want the quality of their work to be the only focus.

You can currently find their products and stay up to date on their new items by visiting their site devambez.com, and will be sold at the Perrotin’s holiday pop up at the bookstore in LES located at 130 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002 starting at 2pm.


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