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Fulham Vs Chelsea

Started by BlueLion.,

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i heard on talksport the other day how Avram Grant revealed that he broke a chair at half time in a fit of rage on our first half performance.

Yeah right Avram.Be honest,you broke the fucking chair by sitting on it :drunk:

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Poor first half,shit passing and the same old errors crept in.Alot better in the second half,Ballack ran the midfield in a Man-of-the-match performance.Whether he should edge out Lampard when he returns to fitness remains to be seen as Lampard is still vital to us.Good goal from Kalou to equalise,and from there i knew we were going to win the game.

hopefully a few sensible signings in this months transfer window and we should have a reasonable 2008.

Btw,what was the altercation between Avram and the Fulham mascott all about?

My money was on the mascott.It was'nt changingman in disguise by any chance? :D

Ssssssshhhhh Fuck sake Mike dont tell every one. Dont want the Inland Revenue on my case now do I, anyway, I was under cover, call me "Agent Celery" :tiphat:

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