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"The Cockney-Mafia"

Started by diskoviolente,

Hey there,

i ´ve often heard about tht so called "Cockney Mafia" at NUFC, with Dennis Wise as a member of them

and i was wondering what´s it all about with these people and why they are so hated by the Toon fans..

maybe someone can help me with that, i don´t really find anything explaining in the interweb


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Alright DV I'm assuming you know what cockney -and mafia is ?

Newcastle fans , due to bitterness and underachieving, have singled out Southern staff as scapegoats -Wise, Joe Kinnear, Llambias and even the owner Mike Ashley all are Southerners (though hardly cockneys).

The only parallel I could draw in your country would be for instance if there were five or six Bavarians taking charge of Dortmund, who fail spectacularly, and then the Dortmund fans turn on the Bavarians, even though it could be the team at fault......

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Alright, thank you

So it´s just a thing of "notherners against southeners" at the end of day

thanks FB

and of course i know what Cockney and Mafia is ;)

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